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  1. Mint, as ever you describe things so well. Yes, I couldn't believe it yesterday as one after another was announced.  Gary Rhodes going at such a young age is particularly sad, as you say, at least the others had a good life even up to the end.  Stephen Cleobury too, but likewise he had the opportunity to live his life well and achieve what he wanted to do.  Mortality seems quite close at times, which is somewhat frightening, given that there is so much more I want to achieve in my life!

  2. Idun, funny food, too clean (air sprays in house etc, never allowed to play in street, and join wiht others ... too protective, read an article about it somewhere that kids need to be introduced to infections at a very early age, so that they can build immunity, after 6mths - a year it is too late .. hence the problem as I see it.  And yes, your menu was  much as ours was, and lots of exercise as we had no car in the early years and walked to school .. in fact we only ever didn't walk to school in our last year at grammar when we moved house and it wasn't possible ...

  3. Thanks GG, it was more a nuisance, lovely autumn days gliding along would have been so relaxing. .. as for sleep, I still find it's the thoughts going round and round , or a tune stuck in the head ... and this last week, with a varicose vein op, and knowing I had to get up early ... I just never do sleep on those occasions.  Happily, on the whole, my sleep is not that bad, but there are nights when I toss and turn ... and that is definitely NOT pleasant, and you wake up thinking I have so much to do today and no energy ...

    Mint you have been through the mill indeed, and still you post and are so cheerful .. such a blessing to have you on this forum, you make my day when you post!

  4. [quote user="Patf"]
    You've got to childproof your house though.

    When we were young, we aided and abetted each other to climb up the table legs (those bulbous ones on old furniture).  After that the table was turned upside down.  That's the sort of childroofing you mean, I'm sure Pat.

    ALBF, the thing about 10mths old is that they will grow out of that stage ... not sure how long the washing m/c problem is likely to last ..... could be a long time, given my OH DIY skills!

  5. Indeed, happily no holier than thou attitudes amongst my veggie friends, luckily ... though certainly when we ate at a veggie's it was all veg, but I have to say absolutely filling and delish, and there was plenty of wine and cheese to continue ... and the bestest apricot crumble ... even meat eating hubby enjoyed it and came away stuffed full ... (I was not able to enjoy the wine (much), as I was driving and also off wine because of medication during that that period!!).

    But veggie food has to be tasty and spiced well, otherwise it is just mush..

  6. Mint, so good to hear that ... happily we've had sun this week, but with a cold wind, but I do know what you mean about rain .. my celebratory birthday cruise last month (up the Rhône) was much rain affected and within reason spoilt what could have been lovely autumn days, but weren't.  Amazing how simple remedies can help little annoyances sometimes. 

  7. Sadly, not even had time to lurk ... varicose vein op last week, then instructed to walk 2 hours a day, at least, plus all the usual things to achieve in between, so it's been the computer time which has had to suffer .... plus I have an active diary this week, cannot drive pro tem (because of the op), so everything takes longer .... oh, and I have a washing machine which will not drain away, so I have to stay with it and empty into a bucket then the sink ...  10 month old kids are nothing in comparison .. ABLF!  and can you imagine how many loads of washing there are when you have just returned from holiday????  All have which have to be emptied into a bucket ????

  8. I once had a friend (once 'cos she was older than me and is now dead), who was vegetarian ... and did not drink alcohol either, nor use face cream etc ... only soap and water (coincidentally she had the best skin I've ever seen!), but she never ever asked anyone else to follow her ways, nor did she criticise if you ate meat or drank alcohol.  She was very adaptable.  Omelettes were always acceptable.  We once turned up at a pub for lunch, I was driving, and we ordered non-alcoholic drinks, with the comment, she doesn't drink, and I am driving!  No problem, even in the days when drinking was much, much more evident.

    We have another vegetarian friend who will however eat fish when needed ... but as he adores cheese, that's no problem to feed him!! Vegans, well, I think they have to look outside their internal thoughts. If you replaced the land given to meat production with that given for non meat production, just as much would be used up. 

    Much better to eat all types of nourriture in moderation, and by that I do actually mean much less meat than is normally served ... with loads of veg instead!!

  9. Chessie,

    Been busy for a few days and only just back to look at this.  I totally understand where you are ... I do have similar problems here though not as advanced as  yours - yet - and the first problem is to get the sufferer to understand / accept that this may be happening to them, though they probably know all about it, they will not accept that it happening to them (mine was a research chemist ... so the knowledge is there .. also similar problems of "sharing" accountablity in dealing with money etc ... "it's the man's job" etc ... if if works, don't fix it mentality - fine so far, your little problem shows when it is not ... but how to get over that one, I still do not know how I can organise that.  Violence seems to be a trend when they find they cannot cope ... and you (me) are the nearest person they can lash out at ... so you are NOT alone, if that helps.  [And yes, Idun, I know we should get help - that is easier said than done as Chessie will concur as it takes two to tango in this respect].

    In our region we have an association set up to help Alz patients and their families, but getting diagnosed is another problem.  I do not know if there is such an association in 47, though I do know parts of 47 having a family home there, I am now not often there.  Contacting your mairie may be a good start, or indeed any of the ex-pat organisations who may know such places ... plenty of them in 47.

    Meanwhile, know that this forum is available for you to ask for help .. even online support and advice is better than none - a shoulder to cry on.  I am fortunate that within our circle I have someone who knows us both well and was a clinical psychologist - there are many forms of dementia, and there are different ways of dealing with it, depending on what it is.  Here for my situation, we can see that it early days yet, but the signs of one form are becoming evident ... possibly. 

    Maybe not what you wanted to hear ... but you are dealing with one problem, and maybe that is all we can do, one step at a time. 

  10. Just to answer whoever asked about why use TIPs now ... it's OH, he refuses to take out prelevements unless there is no other way.  I am certainly not of like mind with him on this.  I can't even make him do the tax payments monthly - yet, but I think he will be forced to - eventually!

  11. Chessie,
    I'm the second sig on our account (in  other words they always put the man first!), and I sign our TIPs OK.

    I sympathise, my OH is not as bad as yours - yet - but I see some signs that he may go like yours ... so difficult!  But as for the bill, do you have a local SAUR office, we had to go once (for the family house, not this one) when we needed to change the account details, but that is some time ago, so may not be possible now.

  12. I don't think NormanH will need them, at last we have sun, after rain and grey over the weekend ... but then, the forecast is changing daily anyhow!

  13. Cajal, on this I must so agree, one or the other if you please.  Look at the debacle with the 80 / 90 limit .. on most of my journeys from here the roads go in and out of our and other neighbouring dept, no wonder people are just ignoring the new, or is it now, the old limit! 

  14. Thanks, Sue, yes, I know!  Going to sort out a procuration with the friend who will pop in to do the pool and check the house over, and make it look like someone is about, whilst we are away.  Still, I'm ever hopeful, and as long as it doesn't get struck in the production system which some do, I'll be  happy enough.  Not sure our post office lady will be helpful, we all call her the obergriffenfuhrer!

  15. Well, maybe they are, at last, speeding up in Nantes, because I got my attestation a year to the day that I sent my application to Nantes, on 27 Sept, and 2 weeks before the licence runs out.  Even better, they received my old licence on 3 Oct, and today, yes, 3 working days later, I get the gone into production email, so it now goes to ANTS and we'll see what happens next.  Of course, the new licence, when it is finally sent, and guess what we are doing to celebrate my big birthday at the weekend .. going on a nice cruise ... guess when the licence will arrive .. yes, you got it, whilst we are away! At least that I can deal with ... what a saga, and I have been lucky, I know ... emails, letters ad infinitum .. who knows??  At least the end seems to be now in sight!

  16. Printing on the new passports pretty naff, IMHO.  I suspect that by the time I have to change mine they will have run out of the burgundy and they'll be blue.  Much prefer the burgundy, more elegant!

  17. [quote user="Lehaut"]

    Sooner we get rid of drivers, the safer the roads will be!![/quote]

    Even driverless cars are known to "have" accidents!!

  18. Thank you, NormanH.  Will follow that link up. 

    Also Mint, thank you.  I have no idea what our commune is doing for such things,  but I suspect rien. As for specs, well, after my cataracts op, I should not have to have new specs, but the pair I bought for driving have gone funny - the coating I believe ... and too old to claim anything back .. but I can't wait until next year to replace them as sunglasses (which do work OK) are no good the night driving!

    Fortunately, for us, it is not the money, but the principle, I am finding that this year I have hardly needed a amutuelle and would certainly  have been better off paying myself rather than for a rather expensive mutuelle, hence the research!  Happy to pay for what I want, but not a lot for things I don't want or will never use (like a "cure"!).

  19. [quote user="mint"]
    Well, has anyone received a notice of their next year's cotisations?

    I can't compare ours because I have opted for hospitalisation as an extra and 125% for teeth and eyes.  Also, I am apparently benefiting from a 30% reduction as our commune has now signed in to the mutuelle communal scheme.

    What interests me is whether the réforme has affected premiums at all?   


    Mint, on your second question, not had a renewal notice yet, I've asked for one, but not arrrived, as I'm thinking to change if I find one which suits better. On your first comment, I'm interested in one where the hospitalisation is an extra, and also the you can choose for teeth and eyes.  My current one gives no choice (except that you can up the cover) for hospitalisation, and doesn't cover specs at all ...I'd love to find a more modular appraoch to mutuelles, as most also cover for pregnancy, which I am never going to need now!!  PM if you prefer!  Ta!

  20. Finally able to reply ... I've been flashed, or so I thought, more than once, but no ticket received.  Could depend on how fast above the limit, or indeed, a sun flash .. difficult to tell. 

  21. No letters received so far here.  I understand that there is much disagreement in the lobby groups about this .. we shall see ... maybe all water under the bridge soon.

  22. [quote user="nomoss"]
    Obviously they were good at doing simple things, but totally useless at anything more challenging[:(]


    From what I have read it is all to do with the number of failing companies they took on board, the amount the managers took in bonuses, the fact that they ignored the financial reports warning of difficulties for many months, and in fact, over-reached themselves supporting an out of date retail model (high street shops vv online trading) when the retail trend to online was becoming more and more evident.  Not the only well known name to fall down misunderstanding the changing patterns of marketing and retailing.  Even John Lewis has seen some of those difficulties reflected in its profits, which says much for lack of foresight and the fast developing changes we are all seeing at the moment.

  23. [quote user="NormanH"]I remember their European railway timetable book with affection from my youth when I  had a Euro pass and took trains all over in the Summer...

    INdeed, NOrmanH, I used it for reference many a time ...though I never travelled by train ...then ....  it was in the library where I worked !!  I can see it in my head even now!

  24. To be honest, if they'd stuck to what they did best, that is providing holidays, they'd have survived.  It was because they tried to take on all comers, and that never works.

  25. Bit like moving to wine country, then complaining about being woken up by tractors at 4.30 in the morning at vendange time!

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