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  1. Noted, Norman, though any re-occurrence may depend on sensible social distancing even after lockdown ends ... it is possible, even if we are all social creatures at heart.

  2. Thanks, Idun, yes, I will try that I think .. as letter post is definitely arriving and not talking that long .. now I have other more important concerns dealt with.

  3. [quote user="chessfou2"]Tarn, Lot & Dordogne now changed to green*. Surprised to see Cantal orange and L'Hérault & Gard green - maybe they will be next to change.


    Shows the difficulty of labelling by department .. being at the extreme end of the Herault, with the Aude literally on our doorstep as we leave our village / town, we are far enough away to be green .. large towns are likely to be the worst affected, but country areas less so ... indeed, like Mint, I am not aware of any cases in the locality ... and we all know how easy it is to lie with statistics, don't we?

  4. Nice happy story .. meanwhile my amazon uk order, has left them, but not arrived, with no shipping follow on .. the other package did, order via amazon but not supplied by then.  Still wondering whether to chase or will it finally arrive once amazon.fr is allowed to send non-urgent stuff (it's only books), as I presume it's still in the system, but who knows .. can I be bothered to check, no ...'cos I don't expect anyone knows where it is, be it amazon or la poste ...  but still annoying and intriguing me .. as I've never had a problem with .uk before only .fr!

  5. Pleased to say that we are in green, as is the next door dept, where we would normally go, as we are on the border, but for my hospital treatment I have to cross a yellow, to go to a green, which is adjacent to a red!  However, my visits are from now reduced to every 6 weeks, but still necessary, and we go by car, on the autoroute, and only get out at the other end which is pretty countryfied .... so will still be allowed, though I'll need a form still as it's over 100km!  Small blessings however .. just to be able to go to another shop in a different town will be so nice!

    Yes, I noticed that Lot was red, which surprised me ..

  6. Chessie,

    Whilst it sounds as though you are sorted, I have found that emailing the French Impots has always produced a sensible reply and solution, so if any questions, its easy to contact then.. But if you are used to filing on online you are really there already.

  7. There's a lot of common sense in all the posts above, yes a "like" button would be perfect.  But getting a job and speaking the language if you want to work is de rigueur.  Even in big cities English would always be a minority language. Equality as in liberté etc, is not quite so evident here, when you look below the surface.

    There are other European countries where you'd do better with only English (all Dutch people I've met for example speak English) so would suggest you'd be better looking for such a country first. 

    Betty's post as ever, was spot on ... and getting work here, even though I knew more French than it seems you do, was such a barrier that when I decided I wanted to live in France, I waited until I retired.  The ease of being able to move over after Brexit to anywhere in Europe will not be there .. it was relatively simple for us, but this will not continue.

    But well done for asking questions and researching first ... so many have not done so, and they most often come a cropper.

  8. I can see that, at last, teleworking might really take off .. I do hope that some places will understand that delivering to other places than big towns would be well received.  That proper analysis as to where supplies are being held up, be it import controls, poor or restrictive administration, be examined and the results applied.  The acceptance that asking can sometimes be just as useful as control by limitation, and that keeping in touch with people is possibly the most useful thing of all that we can learn.

    Also so that the science, correctly applied, can be useful to base judgement on, and that politicians, millionaires, celebrities are really much less use than they think they are.  And that this society still depends mainly on those who are at the bottom of the ladder, are badly paid, and without whom, we realise, now, that our lives would be much, much more difficult.

    Time for change in thought, word and deed.

    That our friends and families are most important, BUT that we can survive when we cannot see them all the time, but at least these days we can maintain contact in the very many ways we have to contact them; a blessing rather then a curse the internet gives us. 

    And that we did not realise just how lucky we were - before Covid -19. Let us not forget that.

  9. Morning Chessie,

    Whilst not the overt encironmentalist many are, just been brought to save and respect the enviroment, I have never forgotten reading Rachel Carson's Silent Spring.  It said it all, and so long ago .. in the 60's. And no-one listened up until now.

    And as for women, well, I won't start on that ... long time passion to get women the respect and rights they deserve.

    Where are you in 47?  Must say hello next time I come up that way to see the family - when we are all mobile again, of course, they are currently stuck in the UK when they would have been here at this time of year normally.  Sounds like we'd have lots to talk about!

  10. "We've had floods, plagues of locusts, the volcanoes are kicking off, and now a virus.

    Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse anyone !!!"

    Chessie, it wouldn't surprise me at all.  There's much in what you said in your post .. if nothing else, this virus should make everybody think about the future in its various forms, but will they, I expect not.

  11. Yes, Idun, Harry's american .. it's awful, I agree, but it is all he will eat.

    But sliced bread has improved, I buy a Harrys which has added grains and cereals, and it is acceptable and I find useful for sandwiches.  I love french bread, but these days, my teeth don't!

  12. Breadmaker - when I must
    Food processor - can't remember when last used
    Juicer - in the fruit season
    Blender - use rarely
    Electric hand whisk - only when I make cakes - which is rarely
    Jam maker - in season - but only make the liquid for fruit juices, gave up with jam, far too many jars still to eat

    After the flood when we re-did the kitchen, I had to move everything out, and have only put back in what I use, when I used it (except the breadmaker which is stored elsewhere, usually, but not at present).  More knives than I could ever cut with etc etc, but I don't bake very often,and only when must, nor do I do posh cooking .. better things to do with my time, like play on here ... 

  13. Yes, her age surprised me, would have passed for at least 20 years younger, and indeed, her acting ability far surpassed that shown in her most famous role.  I do hope it was of natural causes and not the virus ..

  14. NormanH, thanks for that clue as to why there is no sliced bread these days .. hubby's staple, but can I get it - no!  Makes sense though. I thought they were all going out for picnics!

  15. Gardian, we have friends here who are English teachers, and now almost all their work is done online ...1 to 1 ... hope your son can develop his online clientele, could be the way to go.

  16. I have no problem filling my time .. busy doing nothing .. no, but since I retired I've never had time to do all I want to do, never mind need.  What's cleaning .. that'll be done by my cleaner when she is allowed to come back ... it doesn't get dirty like it did in London anyway.  I'm concentrating on scanning old photos, a project that I've been trying to do for perhaps 5 years ... at least I'll have something to show for the days we've been confined ... and when that's done, well there'll be another delayed project to fill the time .. bored - never!

  17. Cajal,

    Whilst I am glad that your wife got the treatment she needed, you decry the opthalmic service of the NHS incorrectly.  I recognised immediately what had happened the moment you said she lost half her vision .. suddenly, as this was what happened to my husband 20 years ago whilst we were still in the UK.  He walked himself to Moorfields after he'd finished work (I told him off afterwards for not going immediately) and he would have been kept in overnight for an operation the next morning .. though they allowed him home (we were as you can see based in very central London) as long as he got himself back to Moorfields the next morning at the stated time.  Easy peasy, taxi on doorstep. Came out the same night.  His after care was as good as here .. as it also was for other UK people I know who have suffered similarly.

    Any optician / opthalmo knows that detached retinas have to be re-attached asap .. and the NHS is no different.  When it's a case of an emergency they are suberb.  I will accept that there may be other problems within the NHS, not all of their making, but this is equally true of hospitals here .. of which I now have experienced several ... and you only need to speak to any healthcare professional to find that out.  One of my best friends here is a nurse .. and I hear what she says .. all is not perfect in the land of the supposed perfect health service, whatever you say.

  18. By the time I get back into the car I might well have forgotten not only the time but the day .. but I do know how to change it when I remember ... but doesn't it all seem so unimportant at the moment .. priorities, priorities.  Because of the change of hour, I'm currently still n the wrong hour in my body and sleeping in .. today I thought, does it matter that I'm only having breakfast at 10am .. you are not going anywhere ..!!

  19. The lock down in France <might> in theory have started before the UK's did, but there was at least a week when people ignored it .. as in the UK .. and likewise, it should have started early than it did.  Europe had a chance to learn from China, but did they?  No.

  20. Walked over to our small supermarket yesterday as running out of some staples, mainly bread which OH gets through like it was the last thing on earth, and will only eat certain types ... no bread.  Only specialist flours, some sections had little choice (liquid soaps - but could get the one I like, disinfectants, eggs) but there was some to buy.  I was told - It's Sunday!  By which I implied no deliveries on a Sunday.

    However, my first try at home made bread for some years worked last week, and that is keeping us going for now .. makes us realise now what is truly important in life, doesn't it?

  21. Indeed Lehaut, had to cancel our 2 trips planned for April and May ... still we are currently safely at home, and as I type, OK healthwise so we should be grateful.  It might however stop the wanderlust that some people seem to feel, fly to all and sundry places never heard of before, at least for the moment ... all is calm, and we  have time to breeeaaathe ...

  22. The exercise green godess, yes, Diana Moran, is coming back to do exercises I heard, and yes, she still looks good!

  23. Oh Lori, that sounds awful, I do hope you can move .. yes, I can certainly see why you cannot dry at home .. fingers crossed for you.

  24. I'm kept busy doing everything BUT housework .. unless you call cooking to eat housework!  Like you Lori, I shredded lots before I came here ... but it's mounted up, and I could spend months on it .. likewise almost all the to do list which never gets looked at usually unless it is urgent.  My current project since I now do have the time, is to sort and digitise old photos, of which there are many, including some which had to be rescued from the flood 3 years ago ... and now I know why it never got done, it is rather more time consuming that I expected as my scanner is not of the fastest! 

    Hey ho, here goes for today's batch!

  25. Even before the current crisis, my supermarket bill was sometimes approaching 100€, and in that last two, bigger than normal I will admit, shop, because we cannot go out to eat now, it was much more than 100€. I do not scrimp on buying decent quality meat, and it did include wine ... and a lot of bread and cakes, but no more than I buy in any standard week as that is what hubby gets through in a week.  I have otherwise tried to buy as normal, though I did buy larger amounts of such as eggs, because I am on temporary crowns and cannot eat anything too hard at present, so had to find alternatives to my usual foods, such as salads and meat and veg!!

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