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  1. Most places are scannig those they do not know (this morning I had a coffee in a place I'd never been, asked and shown, easy enough..  2 gents came in, weren't asked, she must have known them, their coffees arrived without order!).  One resto last week asked if we had the passes, and when we said yes they did not ask to see them! As ever down here, take it as it comes (both towns of varying sizes .. we were also asked in the one resto I have so far used in our village since the pass came in).

  2. St Emilion .. not far .. and lots to do including sampling a few wines .. there was a little train which went around ... along the Garonne there is Cadillac and a museum of automata if that sort of thing appeals.  Castillon le Bataille where the 100 years war ended.  The countryside to the SE of Bordeaux, between the Garonne and Dordogne rivers is beautiful, not spectacular, but very English, lots of little villages.

    My knowledge is out of date, but some things always appeal.  Doesn't Chessie live in 47, she might have some ideas.  We were very close to both the Gironde and Dordogne borders (ie in the top corner of 47).  It's also the Pays d'Albrecht, (sp) where Henry of Navarre was from ..

  3. I use olive oil to lubricate me and the board .. it seems to work, mine today had too much water and it was as floppy as I don't know what ..sticking etc, but  I  kneeded with olive oil .. just been to see how it's getting on now .. yes, still a bit sloppy but it's risen OK, so it's going in now ...

  4. [quote user="Théière"]Its widely accepted that IPA was created by George Hodgson's Bow Brewery way before larger breweries. Being located close to the East India Company in London.[/quote]
    Agreed, Allied were not the "creator" of IPA, it was the nearest word  I could think of when it was they who were producing it in the 70's. It was of course created for the Indian  market, but by whom, I did not know.  The histroy of who bought ot which brewery to arrive at the scenario of the 70's, never mind the 90's onwards, is another matter altogether.

  5. [quote user="Lehaut"]After years of drinking dry cider with my Saturday curry, I suddenly switched to beer. I have developed a taste for IPA (my father used to work for John Smiths, and I have a childhood memory of shuddering at the hoppy taste after draining the last few drops of IPA from one of their bottles) Here in Nantes we have the Little Atlantic Brewery, lunched there in July when things began to open up (no this is not an advert!). Their excellent Exocet IPA had an IBU rating next to it (50), which I had never seen before ( international bitterness unit). The highest I have enjoyed so far is 54 from a Corsican IPA. A voyage of discovery in local French Beers I am much enjoying.[/quote]

    That brings back a few memories.  My first job was with the then Allied Breweries .. the brewery which "created" IPA .. and later I lived in Tadcaster .. with Sam's next door to John's [Smiths] for the unknowing .. and often followed Sam's horses on the road to work .. if we timed it wrongly.  I didn't go for bitters, I always preferred the heavier beers, towards the stout end .. Old Peculier being a particular favourite. 

  6. Indeed NormanH!  Oh we knew where it was Ok, and where to park, but allowing for the time needed to be there, the travel time, the rush hour traffic and walking from the parking .. it was much safer (and actually nice to have a night "out" albeit hotel confined!, for once!!  And I would have never got OH away on time ... FYI we stayed at the Mercure which was in acceptable walking distance .. 10-15  mins ... and the only time except for my visits to the Oncopole where we have stayed overnight anywhere during hte whole of the pandemic!

    Making a pleasant time out of necessity seemed a very sensible idea to me!!

  7. David, glad it all went well.  Like you, we too decided to stay in a hotel (Beziers in our case) overnight, and checked the best way to walk to the sous-prefec (I do have some walking problems, but fine with a stick and plenty of time) and its timing the day before.  As with Carca parking is not so easy at Beziers either and it was rush hour too!  As our appointments were so early, we had breakfast back at the hotel afterwards before packing and leaving to travel the less than 1 hour back home again.  Like you we were in and out in 5 minutes each though we had to go in separately as both mobile.  The entry door organisation at Beziers was slightly less organised than that at Carca, but this was in March.

    And as you rightly surmise, it is only right to give feedback, and help others too.

  8. As far as I know from various comments at church this morning, the fire was under control, but was still smouldering and breaking out .. wind still strong .. some had good views from their various terraces, I'd say it is 30 mins driving from here.  Wind now dropped so I suspect it will be sorted soon, and yes, hubby heard the Canadairs .. I was busy with earphones singing in my virtual choir.

  9. Yes, I've been known to throw a few into vinegar too .. nothing posh, just to keep them for a little salad when the cupboard is bare .. or add to stews ... I've given up following recipes ..

  10. I'm a philistine, I tend to eat them raw, sliced with salad oils or salt, instead of limp lettuce and cucumber etc .. our flowered last week, but it seems that only a few plants took this year, so no inundation of them, with luck, as in other years!

  11. Hi Lori,

    Ognon, is a bit like like oignon .. loose the hard G!
    I'll have a look a the Minervois tourist office site, it did have a  list of B&Bs.  Agreed the ones I know at towards the luxe category!

    Do you do Facebook?  If so, I can give you details of a group I belong to with lots of ladies who offer accommodation .. though that's not the main purpose of the group but an offshoot!

  12. Lori,

    My atlas map, the only to hand, shows the D12m but has no number on the other, runs along the L'ognon, yes, to what is the major road along the valley as much as there is one.  Lezignan is a good central point, but the some of the hotels and the motorways are the "wrong" side of town, and getting through it is not always good (it's the nearest bigger supermarket to us .. the wrong side of town.  I speak from experience.  Don't travel through when schools come out!!

    If you fancied them, there are 3 Chambres d'Hotes run by English (speaking, one is a Kiwi couple!) in Olonzac, all of high quality.  Can PM the info when the time comes if you so decide.  I know the Kiwis, the others by repute only. That might suit better for the Minervois, and if you want to explore the Corbières, the south side of Lezignan, where I know of at least one business type hotel, might be the better choice.

    Swings and roundabouts - as ever!

  13. Félines is not far from us, 10mins drive perhaps?.  Nice place, but small, a few, not many, commerces.    You really cannot judge by the houses, it is really necessary to see the surroundings as well, Lori. Rsing ground, from memory, but  limited access, if the bridge across the river further down towards the main road is swept away, as it was once, you have only then a very minor road out. But I can see that this type of village might suit your requirements.

  14. Lori,

    Sadly anywhere on the coastal plain can suffer from floods, but then so can the hills (rain from the hills north and south), remember the area north of Carcassonne was badly hit a few years ago, and that's hilly enough, and we were flooded a couple of years before .. it is impossible to say nowhere will not flood, as London did yesterday .. now I ask you, if too much rain falls, anywhere, in too short a time, flooding is possible. 

    Narbonne is a nice place, if I decided to move to a big town around here, that is the town I would choose, a human size but plenty going for it (apologies NormanH, but you know what I think about Beziers. Good transport links, and sufficient higher ground if flooding worries you. 

    But you have plenty of time to explore and make decisions, Lori, and you need more than one visit to see what is available.

  15. David,
    I have a friend who took a 90yr old in a wheelchair into the Carca prefecture recently, she's not on this forum, but I can check with her.  I don't think they bothered with taking the fingerprints of the 90yr old, she, the helper, got her own card a few days later (when they did take hers and hubby's).  

    I am acutally nearer Carca than she is, but it's not my prefec, the dept border is odd around here and wanders, I am seconds from it, but in the next dept, so I cannot help.

    She's also had to communicate (separately) with the same prefec to re-organise her daughter's appointment (daughter at uni, and got stranded there for the first appt), and I think she telephoned, but again, I can check, if you say you'd like me to. 

    PS It will definitely be Carca, Narbonne are not doing CdS)

  16. Lori, even the main roads round here can be difficult.  Just back from the only road to our nearest town with the blood test lab in it .. happily didn't need to be à jeun, so went after lunch, but so many dozy nurdles on what is the main road .. one was only doing 60kpm!  It's a 80/90 (speed up for discussion!). PLus the roacade round the town (the lab is of course at the opposite end for us!), was chocker with camping cars all on their way to the coast for JF tomorrow no doubt! 

    So any tourist area can suffer, and all around here is certainly not exempt!

  17. Now that is a change since we got ours 2005/2008 .. only one copy sent, and CPAM wanted the original.  Scans are indeed best now, didn't then have the technology for that in house.  Nor were replacement copies then available.  I did say someone would correct / update  if I was wrong.

    Keeping as many copies of anything that you think the authorities might want is so helpful, it's something we never knew for so long ..

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