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  1. [quote]Strange posting ! On the strength of your thoughts fans must only support champions, that's under 11 schoolboy stuff. No, I will stick with the beloved blues I kinda got a long history with 'em and...[/quote]


    Talking of strange postings - I never said fans should only support champions.

    I suggested you may dream of the day your boys become champs.Nothing wrong with dreaming is there?

  2. Miki,


    I thought you supported the CHAMPIONS!

    Still,you can dream.

  3. Miki,

    I have a suggestion that I know you,ll agree with.

    Sir ****ne Wenger ( it is ****nal you support isn,t it?).

  4. Many thanks to all those who took the time to respond (some messages seem to have vanished ).

    We move out to Monclar on Friday and are really excited but a little nervous too. I have got loads of information from this forum over the last six months which will hopefully help us along the way.

    Thanks again!! 

  5. You have made your decision and I would like to wish you good luck.
    You tried something new which has to be better than always wondering.
    My family and I go the opposite way in six weeks and although we have done plenty of research and gained plenty from this forum we realise we need to make the leap and find out for ourselves at the end of the day.
  6. we have been offered a long term let in Monclar d,agenais,to the west of Villeneuve s-lot.
    Although we have visited Bergerac to the north and Agen to the south,we don,t know a great deal about Villneuve sur-lot and the surrounding villages,areas etc.
    Any information,experience of the lot et garonne in general would be gratefully received,both positive and negative.

    Geoff and Donna
    looks like a fine sunny day in Kent today.
  7. There are still opportunities to make money renovating and selling on, I believe.
    However,it is nowhere near as easy or straightforward as has been the case in the UK over the last ten years or so.
    Like anything you need to do your research and I,m sure lots of people on this forum know of both positive and negative cases recently.
    Good luck
  8. My wife and I ,along with our two babies and dog! are looking to rent a house/gite for a period of at least six months in the Lot et Garonne or Dordogne.
    We are able to move in two months time and would be extremely grateful for any help,ideas etc.
    Many Thanks
    Geoff and Donna
  9. After settling on the Dordogne as our ideal place to be, my wife and I are due out in a few weeks for house hunting etc.
    However, we have heard from a few people that the Lot-et-garonne is a beautiful place and well worth a look.
    As I work in the building industry we feel that the Lot area may be a bit too quiet.
    Any thoughts,advice would be greatly appreciated.
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