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  1. You are right, definitely no contract - I'm very sorry if I confused anybody [:$]  We got a SIM card today and it works very well indeed - full signal. Many thanks for all your replies [:)]
  2. Thanks for your reply too Martin ... I have already asked our friends, and most of them have Orange - some have even managed to resist the temptation & don't have a mobile at all!  I'll certainly have a look at your link, but don't think I'll go the secateur route!  Sadly we have just had to buy a new mobile, our 12 year old faithful has finally given up the ghost - very difficult to find a basic phone now!
  3. Thanks Bob - I agree, it is rather a general question [:(]  I'm loathe to be committed to a years' subscription only to find that it doesn't work at all here - wish they could loan you a phone / SIM to take home and check!  If Orange and SFR really do share masts it should be OK... and Domme is fairly close by.  Thanks for your reply. 
  4. Hi - hoping that somebody may have knowledge of Leclerc mobile coverage in 24, between St Cyprien and Sarlat?  I believe that the provider is SFR and that they and Orange share the same aerial masts... our old Orange mobile used work well here.  I've checked out the SFR website - which does show coverage here - but there is nothing like personal experience!  None of our friends have the Lelclerc package ... can anybody help please? Many thanks
  5. Thanks very much indeed for the info everybody - I think that the saving may be worthwhile... And thanks for the offer of further info Callie - I've pm'd you. Regards
  6. Has anybody ordered shoes or clothing from the USA - and if so did the items arrive safely in France?  A friend ordered some clothing (last year) and it never arrived, no idea where it's gone!  I found some boots at a brilliant price and wanted to order them, but I'm slightly wary in case there are customs regulations or similar that I know nothing about.  Has anybody encountered any problems please? Many thanks
  7. Maggie


    Hi Gardian So sorry to hear about poor Mick ... I don't know if this may help, but we had a problem last year with our beautiful 12 year old boy - he was suffering badly with arthritis around his body 'under the armpits' area as a result of having been caught in a snare the previous year.  He had trouble getting up and couldn't roll over etc.  I did some research and found that Cosequin was reported as being helpful in some cases so I asked our vet - he agreed that it could well help so we tried it (Cosequin Double Strength Cat) for 6 weeks.  Within a week he was obviously feeling better and by the end of the 6 weeks he was almost back to normal, rolling around and chasing butterflies again [:D]  Once the course had finished we started him on Flexi-Joint (it contains glucosamine, chondroitin, and vitamins C and E).  He is back to his old self again and didn't even find the cold winter a problem!  Possibly another option to consider?  Whatever, I do hope that your boy gets better soon.  
  8. I also bought from Dell.fr, but rung them (the sales number on their website) as opposed to ordering on-line.  As I said earlier, they were very helpful and it was no problem at all ordering a UK keyboard and software.
  9. Hi I've recently bought a new Dell tower, but I rung the French number - which I'm quite sure was also in India - the guy I spoke to was very helpful.  I stipulated that I needed the OS and the pre-installed software in English and a QWERTY keyboard.  No problems at all - in fact the delivery came from Ireland! Hope this helps  
  10. Brilliant news ... all the very very best to both of you [:D]
  11. Hi Danny ... I never thought to check out that site.  It seems as though I'm going to have to be patient!! Many thanks for your reply. Best regards
  12. Hi, I'm having problems accessing my Orange internet client account and am hoping that somebody may be able to help please!  Is anybody else having problems or is it just me?? I'm using Vista and MS IE ... up until a couple of days ago whenever I visited the Orange site it defaulted automatically to our internet account, but I was having problems accessing my mobile account.  I created another internet account for a friend to use, and now have to identify which account I wish to use when I visit the site.  Not a problem, but identifying myself is!  Every time I click on 'Identifiez-vous' I get a 'File Download' pop up window (Name : auth_user.wan    Type : orahss.wan    From : kit.orange.fr)  and the options to Open, Save or Cancel.  Again, no problem with this PUW, but when I click Open I'm asked to choose which program I wish to use to open the file, it doesn't matter which program I use, it always thinks for a few seconds then reverts back to the same PUW.  If I chose Save it saves the file, but I have exactly the same problem when I try to identify myself again.  It doesn't matter which account I try to access, the result is the same.  Although we have an Orange account I've only installed the absolute minimum necessary for wi-fi & the Livebox - none of the other software at all. I've tried turning off Norton (which I don't like anyway, but having paid for it I might as well use it for the time being [:(] ), but still have the same result.  I've tried all ways I can think of to access our account, but have failed ... help ... does anybody have any suggestions please?? Very many thanks  
  13. Hi Benjamin I had a similar problem a few months back when I had to buy a new tower - which was pre-installed with Vista.  I'd installed the livebox via wi-fi on my old PC (XP) some years ago with no problems, but it refused to install on the new PC.  In the end I went to FT & asked their advice ... they gave me a new CD ... the old one was not compatible with Vista.  I would suggest a visit to your local FT shop and see if they can give you the newer CD.  Good Luck! Regards
  14. I also have only just seen this thread, please give Coops our very best wishes and hope she has a full and speedy recovery.
  15. Thanks for your replies ... I have 4 USB ports at the back of the PC and 4 at the front (under a sliding cover) which is enough for my basic needs .. I was trying to avoid having wires trailing everywhere by using the rear USBs for the everyday necessary stuff, which was why I wanted to utilise the keyboard ones if possible.  We don't often use the webcam or the scanner so they can easily be plugged into the front ports when required.  But I do understand the diffence between it all now! Best regards
  16. Excellent - thank you both very much indeed!  I panicked as when I experimented and plugged in the scanner the whole lot shut down - 'windows has closed to prevent possible damage to your computer'.  Since seeing your messages I've also tried the webcam, but it says that the 'hub power has been exceeded'.  I had a message with the Livebox wifi dongle saying that it could work faster elsewhere ... but at least I've freed up one USB at the rear of the PC - saves a few more wires trailing across the desk! Thank you [:D]
  17. Hi I've had to buy a new PC ... and have noticed that there are 2 USB ports at the back of the keyboard ... does anybody know please whether it's a good idea to plug the wireless optical mouse receiver into one of them??  I have done so, and it all works fine, but is it a good idea??  I've had a good search on-line and in the users manual but it doesn't tell you anything ... you can tell I'm used to a very very old PC [8-)]  Can anybody re-assure me that it's OK please? Many thanks P.S.  What are these ports for??
  18. Thanks for the reply Steve ... I also back up to the hard drive, but I think that I'll try copying to a stick / CD as well now instead of a floppy.  I used to be fairly OK with computers, but have seriously lost touch during the last few years ... and that is a long time! Many thanks to you all for your information, it really is appreciated [:)]
  19. Do you have the option of backing up to a CD or just a floppy Steve??
  20. Thanks very much indeed Clair & Cat - I think that both the MS people I spoke to were in India ... and they really did 'sit on the fence'.  I tried very hard to get a Yes or No out of them, but nothing doing!  I think I'll see if I can't find a copy of Money 2004 somewhere. I just hate changing my PC!
  21. Brilliant ... thanks Clair.  Perhaps Money 2002 will work then!  Do you back up to floppy or CD please?
  22. Hoping that somebody may know ... I'm just about to change to Vista as my current very old PC is slowly dying ... but I use MS Money 2002 and of course I've been told that it won't be compatible with Vista ... does anybody know if Money 2005 will be please???  I've spoken to Microsoft, but they hedge the issue and won't say a definate Yes or No, I've rung various retail computer 'experts' - but get the same response.  Is anybody running Money on Vista and does it work please??? Do hope somebody can help [:'(]  
  23. Hi Just wondering if anyone can recommend somebody to make lined curtains and roman blinds ... the local shops are horrendously expensive and sadly my sewing skills are not up to it!  We live near Sarlat ... if you do know of anybody could you email me please? Many thanks
  24. As everybody else has said ... very good to see you back SD!  Wishing you both a quick and full recovery.
  25. We also had the letter - I rung their HQ and they confirmed that it was genuine.
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