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  1. You are also right, not been back to the NE for 20 years and no intention of going back there anytime soon (if ever).
  2. [quote user="Patf"]I think Spider's taking mick, or that other impolite phrase.


    You are indeed correct.

  3. I originated in the NE and didn't speak a word of French when we moved here. Took me just over a month to become fluent and then we went native, never looked back. You would be hard pushed to tell us from our French neighbours at a chasse  dinner. Total immersion, that's the way to do it.

    Went back to the UK once and visited the NE again, what a cold miserable place it is, sun never came out while we were there. Full of bloody foreigners now and returnees from Europe who couldn't cope with the language.

  4. A bit like this forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I was always taught to put one question mark after a question. Do you think putting several "???" makes it stand out as an important question or draw peoples attention to your post? Why do you do that?

  6. slowfox. Back to your original post.

    We have government pensions and old age pensions and I fill in the forms as follows.

    2047k page 1 section 1/11

    Pays d'origine I put Royaume-Uni tick both public and prive and put my in revenu  total pension government and old age pension combined.

    Page 3 section 6 I put my total Civil Service pension that is taxed in the UK.

    On 2042k I transfer the figures from above to section 1AL for my CS pension and section 1AM for my old age pension.

    It all comes out right on the Avis and we don't pay any tax in France. Only wish we could pay tax here on my CS pension instead of the UK !

  7. Good site pomme.

    Quote from the site: "You must also file return no. 2047 when you receive income, other than salaries and pensions, which are tax-exempt in France."

    The way I read that is if you have a pension/salary which is tax exempt you do not have to declare it. This is reinforced by :

    "In box 8, you must mention the income that is tax-exempt in France but which is used to calculate the taux effectif and report it on line 8TI of return no. 2042 when it is income other than salaries or pensions"

    Pensions you would have to declare which are tax exempt in France are, among others, those of retired UK civil servants and teachers where tax is payable in the UK.

  8. The pop up just started this morning for me so didn't realise what the fuss was about, never had it before. Bloody annoying.

  9. Loads of them here in 16, diving around our pool and playing in and out of the garage. Messy little B's but really fun to watch.

  10. Recommended cover by the people who should know:

    • 5 days to 1 month, we recommend $50,000 – $100,000 in medical coverage
    • One month to 3 months, we suggest $100,000-$500,000
    • For three months or longer, $250,000 or more.

    We usually travel to high risk (as in expensive) countries for about 3 to 4 weeks at a time so Mondassure serves us quite well in cost v cover

  11. Good example of a high cost hospital treatment in the US. That's about $56k so well covered by the 300k € limit. I can hardly believe a US hospital not making sure the patient was covered by insurance. My son went for treatment and the first thing they asked was  who provides your insurance. What a bum insurance company - which one was it (link?) or is this just Daily Mirror crap reporting again?

  12. [quote user="Loiseau"]QUOTE Spider

    “...The only doubt I had at the time was the relatively low amount of cover for major treatment which was 150,000€...."

    Gosh, to contemplate travel to the US with that limit is a bit scary. Forty years ago, my then insurance company said medical cover for 1 million dollars would be about right.[/quote]

    Scare tactics by insurance companies to get you to pay over the odds for travel insurance! Since when have you ever heard of medical care in the US costing millions?

    The average cost of a hospital stay is around $16,000 which is about 14k Euros. I would think a greater cost would be repatriation to France in the most serious of cases, this is handled separately by the insurers.

    As I said earlier I believe the cost per treatment has now been increased to 300,000€ which is about $336k.

  13. I did a lot of research before our last trip to the USA and found most expat insurance very expensive. We chose annual cover for multi-destination holidays of 90 days or less including USA and Japan with Mondassure. e have used them twice now for trips to US and Asia but not had to claim (fortunately!)

    I rang them to make sure they spoke English as I doubt doctors in the US would speak French. There are no questions asked about present health (I believe they are not allowed to ask in France - as is the case with top-up insurance). The only doubt I had at the time was the relatively low amount of cover for major treatment which was 150,000€. I believe that has now doubled but we have not purchased this year yet so not sure.

    The annual premium we paid last year was in the region of 240€

  14. YCCMB I've got to say I didn't understand your post either. Isn't it about time you changed your avatar, really old hat now?

  15. Thanks Norman, that has clarified the matter for me.

  16. I'm in a similar situation, pay tax in UK on CS pension but none here. Where does it say on the AVIS that you get a refund? Not got mine yet but looked on the Impots site.

  17. I got the impression the original question was about a walk behind type lawn mower, if it's a ride on then weight is not an issue.

    Apart from my small pull to start mower (which I use because it has a collection box) I have had a tractor type ride on mower with key start for 16 years, never removed the battery during winter and in that time had one replacement battery.

  18. I damaged the tendon in my right arm so could not pull start the lawn mower or strimmer and had to get someone else to do it for me. Decided to buy battery strimmer and will most certainly go for push start mower in future - well worth the extra cost. Obviously a little heavier with a battery etc but not that you notice when the thing is driven. If you have a lot of grass I would go for the sit on tractor type lawn mower.

  19. suein56 I seem to be following you by a minute or so!

  20. [quote user="mint"]
    Thank you, Sue and Spider.  It is as you have described.  However, unlike Spider, I couldn't download Adblock Plus.  It tells me that my download "failed".

    So, I shall wait a bit.  In the meantime, can you describe how exactly you did the download, so that I can be sure that I was pushing the right buttons?  If that's not asking too much that is......[:$]


    You need the latest firefox update which is 66.0.4 (32-bit) in the case of my machine. To see if you have the latest update go to the menu (3 horizontal bars upper right of browser) select "help" then "about firefox". If yours is not up to date I think it will give you the option to update.

  21. There was a problem with a firefox update which stopped you installing the adblock extension. They have fixed it now and the new update which I got today allows them.Try Adblock Plus I find it very good.

  22. It certainly does, thank you for the link.

    A friend filling in tax forms for the first time was unsure as to whether to include his disability pension (UK Civil Service) along with his normal UK Civil Service pension. From what you have provided he should not include his disability pension on the tax form.

    I don't know what his % disability is but will tell him about the 40% claim. I doubt he will be paying tax here in any case if he does not have to declare his disability pension on the tax form so the other 0.5 point would be irrelevant.

  23. Parsnips gave advice on tax free invalidity pension:

    I would like some more info on this if possible as I cant find the relevant Impots article.

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