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  1. It sounds like I could have done with that video to have got me back off to sleep
  2. We lay there and held hands, sounds a tad dramatic I know. For a few seconds we both thought ... "It' gonna hit us'. Did anyone else in 24 , or other areas , hear the fighter plane last night? Is this normal a. This time of the morning? b. That low the undercarriage lights lit our bedroom?
  3. @woolybanana I agree. Re the fun not the double egg yolks of course ... Unless laid by a none egg laying cock of course . (See above) Thank you and all for your comments . Much appreciated
  4. Me too to be honest. I only asked about a market where I could buy egg layers - god help me if I ask a serious question . Hahahaha Goodnight all.
  5. alttlebitfrench ??? It's only after reading back I realise how daft it sounds ... Thankfully no one took the pi** or noticed ? BTW it was the egg. Dinosaurs layed eggs before chickens were around ...
  6. Thank you v much patf . I will have a search later ...
  7. It's cold, It's wet and I want the sun to shine. Whilst sat here on the settee with the logs burning brightly I started playing a word association game in my head and was confused why I was doing this alone ??? The word I got too was ... PAPER The next word is .... Let's see how bored we all are hahaha
  8. Hello all. We would like to visit a market that sells egg laying chickens. No matter how much we search Google we cannot find what we are looking for. We are currently living in 24340 area. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  9. Good evening. We are moving to France in the next few months and are in a pickle about mobile phone use. We both currently have UK contracts and believe that the UK companies will realise we are abroad and after 2 months will restrict usage. Whilst in France 99% of our calls will be made to us from the UK and made by us to the UK. Very little calls will be made to French mobile or landline numbers. If we use the UK numbers will we pay a fortune making / receiving UK calls? Vice Versa if we get a French sim. If we get a French sim, any assistance on the best to get would be most appreciated. Many thanks in anticipation. Kes
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