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  1. Propylene glycol has become a very common heat transfer fluid which is used in the solar heating systems as an anti-freeze. But the alternative of it is very toxic which is ethylene glycol, any many do not recommend it for household heating system. Many are unaware of its characteristics and it toxicity which poses a danger. You will have to look for propylene glycol supplier that can formulate glycol products which are compatible with solar heating suppliers. There are suppliers like alibaba to for this. I guess they sell at a reasonable price. I think propylene glycol is what should be used. The rest I guess depends on what kind of solar heating system is used. If the manufacturer recommends something else that might be suitable. I hope this is helpful for people who would have a similar doubt when they come to this thread.

  2. Thank you so much! That is so true. I just downloaded firefox and there is a very different reply toolbar there when chrome gives you none. This is so frustrating
  3. Your financial status isn't really clear. Like do you want financial aid to take your son to France for studies or are your stable? Have you applied to any schools for your son? A detailed question would really help me to answer you properly. So what I can gather from your question is you are not sure about the Visa. So I think the first thing you should do is apply to various schools for your son. If he gets accepted then I guess you apply for a study Visa. If the time period is of 90 days then it will be a short-term visa but if it exceeds 90 days then you will have to apply for a long-term visa. If you want to start a company there then there is this link where a different visa for businesses is listed down. Please take a look at this link

    I hope I have been able to help you
  4. [quote user="Jonzjob"]Whatever you do don't run the pump without water in it for more than 30 seconds or so or it will burn out the seals on the pump shaft.

    As you have never had anything to do with pools before JG it may be a good idea to have a look at this video

    The valve is slightly different to ones that I have seen in that it has a Winter position, but it explains the working quite well. The second video in that series is a bit strange and just goes over the positions quickly? Not really worth the couple of minutes watching I think.

    I assume that the pool is full of water? And not 1/2 emptied for 'winterising'??


    The video was really nice! Thank you for the video and post
  5. This is very interesting! I didn't know this is how France operated. This is so helpful. Nice one and thanks for informing
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