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  1. Okay thanks guys. But I think you have misinterpreted my question. My husbands father was french, grandparents were french. My husband is English, born in UK. We have all the french birth certificates, passports, war record for my father in law (with the free french airforce, including a medal), and documents for grandparents. My husband want to apply for french citizenship ( dual nationality). This is the info I need and with respect it does not seem to appear in the website that people are referring me to. Or perhaps someone could copy and paste it because I really cannot see the actual relevant info I need. Anyway, thanks all for your attempted help, the search will continue. This is why I am hoping that someone who has been through the process can point me in the right direction.
  2. KO12, Is the consulate something you know as a fact? We have been in touch with them but no joy so far, we can try again if that is definitely what we need to do. Which department? Thanks
  3. Idun, We have looked all through but it is very difficult to find exactly what we need in the question above, so really hoping someone who has been through the process would be able to help. But thanks anyway.
  4. I hope this post ends up in the right place, I'm a newbie to the forum, so bonjour, and thank you for any help. My husband is eligible for French citizenship because his Grandparents and Father were French. His spoken/ written French is good. We are, however struggling to find out what the process is to make the application, where the forms come from, where they go, does he

    have to go somewhere do it in person, which supporting documents are required, is there a fee? Does he need to employ a solicitor. We are currently still living in the UK planning to move to France next year, but I know this won't affect the application in his case. Thanks for any help, particularly from anyone who has been through this process.
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