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  1. My MT retired last year and I am now looking for a replacement near Villeneuve-sur-Lot who speaks some English. My French is quite adequate for most purposes but it would be nice to have a MT who can understand English.
  2. After over seven years in Lot-et-Garonne I have never yet found a French potato that makes nice soft fluffy mash. At the risk of being sneered at by some on here I confess I now buy White potatoes and King Edwards from Waitrose/Ocado via GB Shopping (as well as Bramley apples!) PM me if you want some for Christmas!
  3. Hi Gardian. Had a nice lunch of jambon braisé carved from the bone in front of you with chips and sauce madère at a motorway service station last week. It was on the A11 Les Sarge near Le Mans, and with a starter of crudités cost E13.50. Sign above the counter said it was a home-cooked speciality of the kitchen and certainly looked like it. Very nice it was too although one serving could easily have fed two!

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