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  1. Thanks Fittersmate, you've confirmed that what we've done is OK!
  2. I have BBC iPlayer installed on my Firestick and it's very good when used with a VPN and a decent internet speed. I haven't managed (yet!) to install ITV Hub, All4 & My5; does anyone know how this can be done in France? My Firestick was bought in the UK and friends there tried to load these apps but were stymied by my amazon account being registered to a French address. Any suggestions very welcome.
  3. It's me again Pomme, but tax rather than TV this time!

    Got snagged today on the 2041E minefield; spent 40 minutes swearing at thee Napoleonic website then in despair checked the forum.  Saw your post from last June & 10 minutes later problem solved.

    Thanks once again for your helpful advice.

  4. Yes Lori, it was the Asda Vinegar one.  Neither of us have had any side effects; we didn't even feel the injection.  Fortunately we're fit & active with no co-morbidities.  Several younger friends in the UK felt feverish etc for 12 hours.  As a matter of interest, relating to an earlier post, I'm 1.85m/85kg but my wife is a lot less of both.  Would a vet use the same dose for a Shetland pony as a Shire horse?

    Interestingly, the appointments that we had for next week that we've now cancelled were for the Pfizer.  Good luck.

  5. Thanks for the advice Weegie.  We contacted our pharmacy last week and put our names on their liste d'attente.

    They phoned yesterday and now we have both been jabbed, 2 days before the campaign opens up to those in our category!  Good idea and a system that worked.

    We had appointments at a centre for next week but other people will benefit from those now.

  6. Firestick arrived yesterday and I've installed the VPN & BBCiPlayer using this link

    It seems to be working well & I'm very pleased, particularly with access to the iPlayer library. I can't see when I will need to use Chromecast however.

    Many thanks again for all the help.

  7. Thank you, that's very re-assuring. You're a fount of knowledge & I'm very grateful. 

    Most years we're travelling in Spain or Asia/Australia for 4+ months or so and I like to keep up with all the rugby & cycling.  The VPN has been a great buy, the Chromecast the same, next stop the Firestick.

    Thanks again et bonne soiree.

  8. I've just downloaded the GetiPlayer  utility you suggested but my anti-virus software blocked it as potentially dangerous.
    Do you have any qualms about using it?

  9. Thanks again Pomme

    From what you've said it sounds like I need a Firestick if travelling without a laptop?  There are sites on the Web (selling VPNs) which show how to install iPlayer on a Firestick outside the UK.  It's only the BBC and ITV player (for Le Tour on ITV4) that I'm after.

    I'm going to try your suggested link to download a whole series later today.

  10. Thanks Pomme, sorry for being such a muppet!

    So, as I understand it, I can watch live UK TV from my laptop using a VPN & Chromecast, but not BBC Downloads.  I've got this bit working fine.

    With a tablet it's best to use a Firestick with a VPN and iPlayer installed?

    I was hoping to travel with my tablet + Chromecast but your advice would be to get a Firestick to use with the tablet?  Both devices are remarkably inexpensive.

    I'd be very grateful for your suggestions.

  11. Update.

    Using a VPN on my tablet, the Chromecast works well when simply viewing a live channel* on the BBC iPlayer.  Using the iPlayer to watch previously shown programs is impossible as I now understand it, unless the TV is connected to a UK server via a VPN. 

    *Which I don't need at home as I have a good Freesat set up.  Very useful when away traveling however; no more HDMI cables across caravan or hotel floors!

  12. Today I've encountered a problem. 

    I can't get BBC Downloads to play wirelessly using Chromecast on my laptop.

    I disconnected the laptop & tried my tablet but then my tablet didn't connect to the Chromecast.

    I wonder if it's that the TV is connected to my BBox & my tablet to a VPN?

    I've scoured the web but am getting square eyed; sorry for being a woodentop but any suggestions would be welcome.  Thanks.

  13. Chromecast installed on both tablet & laptop & working fine so no more trailing HDMI cables!
    Thanks for the tip.

  14. After a week of trying various fixes/updates, I eventually reset my BBox

    & then after spending ages entering the 26 digit modem password

    then resetting it to something more practical, all was well.
    Roberts' support staff have been very helpful throughout.

  15. Thanks pomme, that looks a really useful link.

    I've recently downloaded series 1 of Spiral (prior to watching series 8 which we've got on the Humax) & look forward to experimenting with your suggestion.

    Bonne soiree et merci.

  16. I've just ordered a Chromecast dongle;  seems like a good way of connecting a phone/tablet/laptop wirelessly to the TV.  Found a very good video by Awkward Bob on Youtube which  shows how to set everything up.  No more trailing HDMI cables will merit a few Brownie points!

    Usually I set our Humax box up a week in advance to record programs/series we're interested in but with successive lockdowns it's been really useful to use the Nord VPN to access iPlayer and download programs from it's vast library to the BBC Downloads app.
    We subscribe to The Times online (£5 a month with a non-UK address) and it's a brilliant service which includes a What to watch this week section which suits us nicely.
    Thanks again for your advice.

  17. Thanks to you both, it's really interesting to find out how you've circumvented the problem.

    I was thinking of getting an Asus modem (as recommended by Nord VPN*) and using it in parallel with my Bouyges BBox which has a landline connection but I'm now coming round to the Chromecast idea, thanks Pomme.

    An unusual flash of brilliance this morning got me thinking of installing the VPN directly on the TV but then I read that you need an Android/Apple/Amazon TV to do that. 

    It seems I'm stuck with my HDMI cable from the laptop or Chromecast from laptop/tablet/phone etc.  Chromecast research starts now.

    Thanks again.

    *I bought a 3 year contract with NORD VPN and agree with Lehaut, it can be a bit slow to connect to the UK but you have plenty of choice and once connected it works really well.  I tend to use the higher numbered servers & have to disactivate my antivirus software & use Edge or Internet Explorer.  I also clear my browsing history and use a New Private Window.

  18. We've used a digibox for accessing UK TV for nearly 20 years both in France & northern Spain, until the footprint changed.

    With no social life for nigh on a year we've bought a VPN to access iPlayer & ITV Hub for their extensive libraries and box sets.  This involves connecting my laptop to the TV via an HDMI cable.  The router provided by my ISP has no provision for a VPN so I'm about to buy a router with the capability to add a VPN so that every device in the house thinks we're in the UK, or elsewhere, if I choose & will avoid trailing cables.

    Anybody already done this & prepared to share their expertise?  Thanks!

    As an aside, the VPN has been brilliant & much used.  We watched the Tour de France on a Spanish campsite via ITV4 & regularly access Australian TV to watch rugby & cricket in order to keep up with the younger members of the family.

  19. We've used our Roberts Stream 202 for years and it's been great but recently, particularly on BBC Radio 4 & Times Radio it's been buffering badly.  Radio 4 seems to work fine using the BBC Sounds App on our tablets.  Our internet connection is about 8Mb/s so I'm wondering if it's time for a new radio or whether it's just the BBC/Times internet radio stream being overloaded.

    I've checked the BBC website to see if there was a maintenance issue & there wasn't.

    Anyone else had the same issue?

  20. Went to the Prefecture in Gap on January 4th and our shiny new TDS cards arrived this morning!
    If only changing driving licences had been as easy 2 years ago.

  21. Our experience in Gap 3 weeks ago sounds very similar to Sid's in Niort.

    The one problem was that I have deformed hands due to a combination of rugby injuries and Dupytrens contracture and can't put 4 fingers flat on a surface. I was thus excused this part of the process .

    Thought this could be relevant to arthritis sufferers etc.
  22. Thanks to you all for your contributions.  I've taken advantage of a snowy morning here in 05 to fetch out an old copy of a guide to french tax in English that I bought years ago which had a worked example showing how the tax credit fitted in to the calculations.  Did the sums myself & came to the same conclusion as suein56.  So I won't be darkening the door of the tax office.
    Thanks again, it's good to have plenty of folk prepared to offer advice/re-assurance.

  23. That's correct, the UK rental income & UK government pensions are taxed in the PAYE system in the UK so it's only our UK OAPs that are taxed here, as I understand it.

  24. Thanks, that offers some re-assurance but we're still confused by what I received from the tax office yesterday.  We paid no French tax at all until last year (on 2018 income) but our gross income hasn't changed significantly since 2014.

    Yes the rental income was really that low as we were between tenants & spent a goodly bit on decorating/improvements.

  25. Thanks for your comments/help.  I looked at Norman's link but it seemed to be about UK residents with French rental income and we are French residents with UK rental income.

    I think from what the tax office sent me yesterday the problem started with a visit we paid to the tax office in October 2019 when we the tax official could not understand what a UK state OAP is.

    Our figures declared in May 20 for income in 2019 are:

    UK OAP:                            Me €8269 my wife €4797

    UK government pensions:  Me €14002 my wife €13433

    UK rental income:              Joint €1179

    Should we be paying French tax on these figures?

    We're very confused as we now find that we paid €469 last year in impots sur le revenue.  I think a trip to the tax office is called for.

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