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  1. Thanks, I'll check that out. Appreciated.
  2. I have brought a large renovation property. Trying to plan a few things, were going to have to buy quite a bit of equipment for the renovation, is there any sort of second hand e.g. scafolding supports, cemment mixer etc... outlet, either social media/newspaper that your aware of. I know here we have Facebook in the uk people sell alsorts, there's even a builders for sale FB. Thanks
  3. Thanks again for any reply's, it's appreciated. I think I'm going with my eyes open, I have research this before about the value of renovating a french property, For me this is probably my last port of call and I'm doing it for me, to enable me to have a bit of land and a nice home hopefully!! I'm definitely not looking to make a profit :)
  4. Also does anyone know of any other specific forums for renovating barns in France, you can never get enough advise!
  5. Yes, I hear what your saying, I have done this before not in a barn. We laid all the pipework and electrics first, boxed them in, and I mean boxed them in, my plumber was obsessed about it, using same guy this time. We then laid insulation and then screed, worked fine but I don't want to risk damp raising if this didn't work in a barn
  6. Oh yes of course thanks for the advice. Will do.
  7. Thanks for you reply, it's for living
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm in the process of buying a large barn and was hoping you fantastic people may help with my barn floor. So the barn at the moment is concrete, half of it is flat and quite level, the other half has the slopes for the waste to drain into the middle also in concrete, I might add in good condition, is it advisable to dig and and start again, clearly a massive amount of work or can I get away with putting insulation and re surfacing with fresh concrete? Look forward to you comments and thanks in advance. Debbie
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