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  1. Hi. Taking a trip from Lille to Paris next month for a long weekend. Can anyone suggest ideas for parking not far from Lille Flanders (happy to walk up to 20 mins or so) which is secure but won't break the bank? Street parking very acceptable if safe. Thanx in advance. M
  2. This thread is concerning Carte Sejour.

    Perhaps better to take your drivers licence comments/questions to a more appropriate thread.
  3. Hello,

    Thought I would add my positive experience with regards to getting my/our Carte Sejours as I know many people are concerned about the process/waiting times. Obviously, every prefecture is different, however there seems to be golden thread of continuity running through most according to our friends across the country.

    Our ‘interviews’ for the carte were very informal and friendly. My advice would be to prepare your dossier carefully, putting everything on order that the prefecture asks for on the website (keeping possible extra supporting documents in another file you have on hand ‘just in case’.

    Don’t panic if there are documents you don’t have… just explain why. For example, I cannot provide my avis d’impots just yet as I have not concluded a year’s business in France (I am self-employed and started my micro-enterprise in October). I could however provide a letter from my accountant in the UK (translated) stating my regular income, showing my UK tax records and supported that with the documents relating to my new business in France (SIREN/SIRET etc.). They were happy with that and looked briefly at my French and English bank accounts (that I bought just in case) but did not take copies.

    When it came to my wife’s interview, the officer simply asked if the dossier was as complete as mine. When I replied that it was, she said, “the there is nothing to ask”. Within 5 minutes we received our recepisse de demande. Two months later we received a text to say that our permanent card is available.

    This week we also received our Carte Vitale which is another tick-box.

    As you may know, drivers licence exchange (to a French permis) may be stalled by the office in Nantes (ours have not been returned yet so we are hopeful that ours got through before the decision to reject the dossiers till Brexit is clarified). The process for application is very straightforward however I do suggest you pop to a post office in the UK to get your international license too in the interim.

    My basic message is: prepare well, don’t panic and things can sometimes go very smoothly.

    Bon chance!
  4. He will live there permanently after next month.

    He will work a couple of days every month in the UK, the rest of the time in France.

    he has registered his business in France to begin operating in November 2018, receiving his SIRET, INSEE, Mometo Fiscal, NOTIFICATION D’AFFILIATION and a very good French registered accountant...

    Thanks again for all the constructive advice.
  5. "Also, translating your bookkeeping? What interest have you having them other than in french, in France. That is so odd that I can only believe that I misunderstood what you wrote."

    This question has come up a couple of times in various helpful repliesso I will clarify. My apologies for confusing anyone.

    I am self employed. My business has been operating only in the UK. I will be living in France but commuting to the UK for work a number of days per week. I am required to show that my business is/has been profitable for a period of time, and has the ability to support my wife and I when we move permanently to France (but continue to work in the UK).

    Until recently, my only accountant has been a UK based accountant for the reasons above.

    He has written an attestation and confirmed my income for the past 10 years, but this was in English. It has now been translated and placed on his letterhead (as a courtesy) so that it can accompany the English version.

    I hope that makes it clearer? :-)

    Thanks again everyone...

  6. Hiya,

    Good advice! I have already got the ball rolling.

    Do you generally have to *give* the department the certified translated documents, or are they happy to take a copy (i.e. should I get a few copies of each translated, or just the one of each?

    My accountants letter (I am self employed so they wanted proof of income) has been translated locally as I don't think this needs to be done under oath...

    Thanks for your advice :-)
  7. Thanks everyone for your feedback - especially the advice of where to get the translation done.

    Once again - this forum proves to be (and the people on it are) fantastic!


  8. Hello,

    I am about to make my appointment at the Prefecture in Arras for my (and my wife's Carte de Sejour).

    Their website (http://www.pas-de-calais.gouv.fr) states that the documents listed below (among others) are needed when I go:

    ***- extract of birth certificate with filiation or full copy of birth certificate;

    ***- marriage certificate extract (documents corresponding to the situation at the time of application).

    I have ordered copies of these in the UK, however on an unrelated visit to my Notaire, he suggested that I will need to get them translated by an authorised translation agency in France.

    My questions:

    1. Have any of you had to do that - should be get them all translated?

    2. If yes, do you have any recommendations for good translation agencies that I can use in France?

    Thank you for your help!

    MarkPDC :-)

  9. ... two dogs... ahem... sounds like what my wife accuses me of on occasion (quite erroneously I may add!)...!

    Now, back to topic - thanks for the guidance - the peel away does seem the way to go - screwfix here I come :-)
  10. Thanks - another great lead :-)

    We are not there permanently yet (lots of big buildery stuff to be done to house, electrics and water re fitted, walls built and windows replaced... let's not even start on the small walled but thoroughly overgrown garden)... so we are vry new to discovering the good brocants to frequent - let alone restaurants and 'days out' destinations... I have however discovered our local Cave and the days they have wine tastings... priorities I guess :-) Plus it makes life easier when you are using a hand-held shower head and a paddling pool as your bathroom while working on the place!
  11. Thanks Théière. I had that down as my 'next best thing' but did wonder if there was any chance of dipping the doors... I will wait to see if there are any other replies - thanks again :-)
  12. Hi everyone. Can you point me in the right direction of what to look for in the pages jaune to find someone who will strip a bunch of internal doors for me? Is it 'décapage'? I am in Pas de Calais so if you happen to know if anything local - even better. Thanks all...
  13. Hello everyone. Firstly, THANK YOU for such an informed and friendly place to ask for and receive advice.

    I have carefully read all the posts in this thread. A very eye-opening post mentioned that different Prefectures have slightly different policies which is why I want to ask...

    I have collected all the relevant documents for my first-ever carte sejour (self-employed company accounts, letter from accountant attesting to my income as a sole trader etc., proof of address {just purchased a property}, passports etc.) however...

    I have just come across another document I have not seen before: "PREFECTURE DU PAS-DE-CALAIS -DEMANDE DE TITRE DE SEJOUR. It is an application form which needs to be filled out. The questions it raises are:

    1. Do I send this in advance of my appointment? I cannot see and direction on that.

    2. What is the difference between Carte de Séjour / carte de résident Algérien, Carte de résident and Européens. I imagine I am the latter (coming from UK) but I have not seen this on a form before.

    3. CADRE RESERVE A LA PREFECTURE - it asks me to confirm I am looking to receive a new card, but then stipulates when I want it from and to...?

    Sorry for bombarding with all three questions - all your advice is gratefully received!

    Ps. I noted a slightly taciturn comment a few posts back mentioning the umber of participants to this forum. No matter the number of participants - the friendly advice I have received here has been invaluable and accurate so thank you - you 'few' people! :-)
  14. Thanks again to all...  Great advice and volige seems a cracking idea too!

    Excellent forum... 

  15. Hi,  Thanks for the question Théière.  We are attempting to level a sloping floor. A builder advised us that this is what he had done/would do.  i.e. add door-stop shaped timber to the existing joists and re-lay the floorboards on top, thus creating a level floor.  You are right - I am a novice!

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