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  1. We're staying in a house for one week in November that does not have Wifi.

    Does anyone use an internet dongle that gives you Wifi access? If so, who do you use and roughly how much is it?

  2. Ok, fair point. We've stayed in Alencon and Clisson before and they were both good stopovers.

    No children, just want somewhere that might think is a bit of a hidden gem in that region.
  3. We're spending a week in the Charente in November and would really appreciate some tips of nice towns we could stay on either our trip South or on the way back to the ferry. Somewhere around the Rennes area or perhaps in the

    Loire region, Le Mans, Laval, Alencon area.

    Simply looking for ideas of somewhere we can stay somewhere we haven't been before and break up the journey.

    Many thanks.
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