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  1. Yes, very easy: 1. Login 2. Click on the relevant account (not sure what happens if you have only the one account). 3. Click on 'virements' in the menu on left of page 4. Set up transfer (takes a couple of days and, if I remember correctly, you get an SMS/call with a code that you have to enter to authorize future payments to the specified account). 5. Wait the relevant time (2-3 days). 6. Make your transfer (as you will be able to do to this account in future without further delays).
  2. Unless you have revoked your British citizenship, you can sign (site crashes permitting).
  3. Makes me appreciate more our local producer - we pay €2.30/6 at our Panier Paysan (cooperative of local producers).
  4. A good overview but it is in the detail that the biggest problems lie, the most obvious example being Les Hauts-de-France but there will be plenty of individual companies like Béal in Vienne whose climbing ropes and other aids get/got their CE mark from an organization in the UK!
  5. Yes, it is a pain. The street names and house numbers here have been 'official' since 2016 (according to a letter we just got from M. Maire). However, if you try to enter any of the 'new' addresses (not just our street, but any of them) into the La Poste 'tester une adresse' it helpfully 'corrects' the address to one that does not exist in a village 7km away from here, but will happily accept the old address (with just the name of our village) ...
  6. From date of interview our Préfecture (Toulouse) states on its web site about 4 months (3-5) there and then about 6 (5-7) for SDANF (Reze), SCEC & JO publication. With luck (especially that our dossiers, which we take with us to the interviews in January, are deemed complete), that could see my wife and I holding a fistful of nationalities between us by Christmas 2019! I guess you (Norman) are applying through Montpellier. If you use Facebook, there is a group 'Applying for French Nationality' that has many posts about Montpellier that would be useful information for you. I also read somewhere (which I forget but deemed reliable), for those here 10+ years, there should be a maximum delay of 12 months from interview to JO, otherwise it seems that going via some Préfectures takes 18 months.
  7. Brexit irrelevant. Any question of 'deportation' and I would ensure that the Irish Embassy kicked up hell, although maybe they would not be able to get involved since I should also be French long before 2022!
  8. Will see if I can find your thread. Yes. It is necessary to get a RDV here (end January), but it seems that only a few bits of documentation are needed. Thanks for the link, but that's really for a déménagement, rather than adding details to the same address (which is probably fairly unusual).
  9. Our little village has gone all modern and added street names and numbers to all(!) the houses. That means a need to update our TdS/CdS (had them since 2006, latest renewed 2016) with the extra address details. Has anyone been through this procedure? Wondering how it compares with applying for TdS/CdS. Of course, your Préfecture may(?!) work differently from ours (Aveyron).
  10. I've had 3 TdS since our arrival in 2006 (we have been locataires at same address ever since). 2006-2011 very slightly larger (ca. 1 cm, but fitting comfortably in my 'fold over' wallet that I carry in my trouser pocket) than current credit card size, gave address and stated requirement to notify any change of address. 2011-2016 as above. 2016-2026 exact CC size, gives address but the statement about notification of change of address (that still applies) no longer appears on the card itself.
  11. Right, the stockpiling is being done not by NHS but by the pharmaceutical companies (as was announced by, I think, Hancock), confirmed, for example, by Astra Zeneca: https://www.reuters.com/article/britain-eu-astrazeneca/astrazeneca-halts-uk-investments-due-to-brexit-uncertainties-le-monde-idUSL8N1WV4GD
  12. You need to contact the French Consulate in London. First thing, check their web site.
  13. Certainly, our rent (maison T5++) is much cheaper, but our numbers may not be comparable since we're immigrants and the numbers cited are for 'ex pats'. At the time we moved (exchange rate 1.5) it was about half the UK. The exchange rate has suffered a huge adverse move (ca. -25%), but the rent (expressed in £) is still about half that in UK.
  14. M. Google, il dit "annoncer clairement ses intentions" so - 'he does not clearly announce his intentions'
  15. OK, not really for Evian, but the Q about name change was covered there - For anyone who is intending to apply for naturalisation, living in Haute-Garonne or the 'subsidiary' depts of Ariège, Aveyron, Gers, Lot, Hautes-Pyrénées, Tarn & Tarn-et-Garonne, then the Facebook group (almost 800 members) is very useful: British People Gaining French Citizenship Together In Toulouse. There may well be other groups for other depts. As an idea of how long it is taking (Prefs vary hugely) Toulouse is about half way through assigning deposition of dossier & RDV (TLS does both together in a 1-1.5 hour face to face) for January. After that, a very variable wait (about a year seems common) for the grant of citizenship to come through. Rejection seems rare, although much more common to judge from another Naturalisation FB group (there are many) in which Algerians, Moroccans & Tunisians are in the majority.
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