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  1. Just a thought.....and this may be met with howls of outrage about spending locally etc. (which of course I do most of the time). The exchange rate at the moment means that purchasing from UK is better value than it has been for years. For example I recently bought a juicer from a UK company for significantly less than I would have paid in France. It arrived within 48 hours, with the correct plug for France and I am delighted. Globalisation may have taken a backward step with Brexit, but for large and/or expensive items, it pays to shop around!
  2. Cup cakes are gross, they are more about looking good than being edible. My favourite cake at the moment is Hummingbird Cake, a bit like a good carrot cake but pineapple, banana and cinnamon instead of carrots, wth a tangy lime icing. Just delicious. I notice Le The Vert in Daglan has had a few mentions in this thread. Judith runs a tea room which is often buzzing in the summer months. She also serves light meals including a proper vegetarian option which is like the proverbial rocking horse s***e in France! I have also been to events there such as fish and chip evenings, Indian evenings and so on. For keen cyclists (and there are many, myself included, during the summer) it is a delightful place to stop for refreshments. I think she closes in the winter months for a number of reasons but largely because it probably wouldn't be worth opening due to the likely dearth of customers!
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