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  1. Hi Sue

    Thanks for your reply, yes that's what i thought but don't want to lose a 10 day booking perhaps i should have emailed them from another account = one i hardly use

    thanks anyway for explaining about the spam thing

  2. Good morning

    I received an email asking to book 10 days in November for our gite

    BUT it went into my spam folder I opened it nothing looks wrong with it no attachments and not asking for any details just wanting three rooms for 10 days on the date and then if i can tell them how much if the dates are available. We are open all year so not a problem But i have a niggling feeling it may not be legit any suggestions on what to look for or what to do I did reply saying gite available and what cost sent them a booking form asking for their details but not giving any of ours

    Not sure why it went into spam


  3. Hi not sure how it works, but when we took house insurance out we told them we had two gites attached to the property and wanted them insuring too. These are covered for a certain amount for appliances furniture and liability so i believe.

    We were told we needed insurance incase of any injury to people even if not actually renting the gite. so we took the whole lot on. Not sure if this is right as we are new to all of this and our french is very very little
  4. Thank you Chancer

    We just felt that everything was going too smoothly and dont want to take any risk from the authorities then someone mentioned they had been 18 months and were waiting for the bill for habitation tax i think they called it and we just thought OMG what/who else !!!

    Thanks again
  5. Hi We moved to france this year and have taken on 2 gites that we now own. We registered with the local mairie, have insurance and the chimney certificate. We are already having guests staying but are now unsure if we are registered with the right people Can anyone give us bullet points of who we need to register with regarding who we will need to pay what too and how we go about it

    Many thanks in advance.

    We do not have any other jobs Also we have our son who is in his 20's living with us also not working

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