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  1. Thank you for this - useful and perhaps more positive than I was expecting!
  2. Hi - trying to establish if getting an appropriate TEFL qual in the UK would be useful as a potential income-earning backup before we move to France in around 6 months. Quick search of the forum throws up lots of historical debate about TEFL, with the overall impression being that it's not really all that, and I'd be lucky if it helped to get some p/t work (which I'd be happy with BTW). However, ever the optimist I'm hoping that someone might have more recent experience to share.....We're moving to the Doubs area where I understand there aren't a lot of English speakers. TIA Kelly
  3. Hi Charlotte I know this post is 4 years old but wondered whether you'd had any luck using your TEFL qualification, and if so, whether you could share any advice? TIA Kelly
  4. Sorry you didn't get any replies/recommendations but glad that I now know what a dog groomer is in French
  5. We're looking for a long term rental that will take dogs near-ish to Montbeliard. Have tried Leboncoin which doesn't have a lot to rent - are there any other websites a bit like Right Move that we could try? TIA Heccy
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