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  1. The September issue of "The Connexion" reports that the French will accept the online DVLA check code service, also that sworn translations of driving documents are no longer needed. The ANTS site does not seem to have been updated to reflect these changes. I am wondering if "The Connexion" report is correct.
  2. The mayor (Robert Menard) has received the anti-corrida lobby, and got his photo in Midi-Libre with them, but he is a politician and obviously thinks there are more votes to be had from the bullfighting supporters.
  3. The ANTS rules state that if I am not a national of the country that issued my licence, I must prove my residence in the issuing country at the time the licence was issued. I am an Irish national and was living in the UK when my licence was issued in 1970 - 51 years ago. I have absolutely no documentation left from that time. Any ideas?
  4. I applied through ANTS to exchange my UK licence, and after much sweat was given a reference number. Recently I was told that my application has been cancelled, presumably because it was too early. I am now within the time frame (6 months to expiry), and I have heard a rumour that there is an additional document I have to get from DVLA and have officially translated. Does anyone know what this document is?
  5. Boris Johnson is throwing £100m in subsidies to Nissan. No wonder they are happy to stay in Sunderland. (£100m is the estimate - he won't actually admit to how much the subsidy is.)
  6. ALBF, why exactly should we hate the EU? And please don't tell me it's bureaucratic. Of course it's bureaucratic. All administrations are bureaucratic. Your local village or town council is bureaucratic. It's also highly protectionist. Its foreign trade agreements are designed to protect French farming and German industry and so on. There is no such thing as "free trade". All countries negotiate their trade agreements with an eye to their own interests. The EU is not without faults. Of course it's not. But it is a remarkable achievement. It has brought together over 25 countries which throughout history have been at one another's throats - the war memorials of Europe are testament to that. The question to ask - the question the Brexiteers should have asked themselves - is not whether the EU is faulty, but what better institution we can replace it with.
  7. I was quoting from the post by alittlebitfrench, not yourself. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  8. "So they can stick their rules up their arse" tells you everything you need to know about the mindset of Brexiteers.
  9. Ken: your starter for ten: What is it that people in Britain can do today that they couldn't do last year?
  10. Norman, GB News is a new channel whose purpose is to promote British values and culture, which is why it is funded by two rich American right-wingers and is anchored by Andrew Neil, who lives in France. They believe that traditional British news outlets are too left-wing, which of course is true, as everyone knows that the Sun, Mail, Telegraph, Times and Express are all owned by sworn Marxists whose aim is to destroy free-market capitalism. They aim to give a voice to those whose views are hardly ever represented in the UK media, like poor old Nigel Farage. Now you know all you need to know, Norman. (Did I see you in the antiques market in Beziers last Tuesday, buying a piece of Sèvres porcelain?)
  11. I am very near you in the Herault. I have a 1,2m dish. Last week the BBC channels were unobtainable - all others OK. This week the BBC signal is back, no problems.
  12. I have an infestation of cluster flies (mouches pollénies). They overwinter in the attic and then leave when the weather hots up. They are like bluebottles but a bit bigger. They don't carry disease, they feed on flowers and tree sap. So far I have got rid of about 200. Anyone else had these? Any tips?
  13. Seven months after applying for her TdS (she already has a CdS) my wife still has heard nothing. On the Prefecture website (Beziers sous-prefecture) there is information about the average delays you can expect. There are four columns headed T1, T2, T3 and T4. Anyone know what these mean?
  14. Here in 34 we've had no post all week, although there is a Significant Birthday coming up and there should be lots of cards. Is this just us, or is it a general problem?
  15. My supply of package suet from UK has run out, and I have been told that from Jan 1st we won't be allowed to import foodstuffs from UK. French butchers don't seem to have heard of graisse de boeuf.  Any ideas?
  16. I saw some of the original Charlie Hebdo cartoons. One showed a Muslim women praying in the mosque, her skirt was up at the back exposing her buttocks. Behind her, a man was leering at her naked backside. I worked in an Islamic country for eight years, i had many conversations about religion with Muslims. I made it clear that I did not share their beliefs. But I never mocked their beliefs. What is the point of mocking and sneering at another person's religion? Because you have a right to do something doesn't mean you should exercise that right regardless. The irony is that laicité itself has become a religion in France, its believers as inflexible as the most fundamentalist Muslim or Christian. P.S. I don't believe in beheading people who disagree with me.
  17. I have been trying to use the ANTS site to change my UK licence for a French one. I have an ANTS identity. The site tells me that I already have an application in so it can't process a new one,. But that isn't true. Most of the time it just sends me round in circles. I am going slowly mad here. Is this a common experience? Is there any point in going to the sous-prefecture?
  18. Nomoss, thank you for getting back to me. Among the information on the top of my battery it says "L3 EFB", so it seems the dépannage mechanic knew his job, and I can rest easy. Thank you also for the new specialised link - you are correct, as of today I still have had no replies on the original forum.
  19. Nomoss, thank you. I found your link very helpful.
  20. I have a 2016 VW Golf with all bells and whistles including a stop/start battery, Last December the battery conked out on the autoroute and I had to call the service de depannage and have it replaced, which they, did, for a bras and a jambe. Today, idly reading the service manual (there is little else to do here) I learnt that this type of battery must be replaced by one of a similar kind, by a qualified VW technician in their own workshop. Since last Dec I have driven on the replacement battery without trouble. Should I be worried, or is this just VW trying to keep the work in-house?
  21. How do I read my linky meter? All I want is my consommation since the last reading, but I can't find anything that resembles that, or anything that looks like a kWh reading.
  22. I was about to use the new online portal for getting French licences, Does anyone know if there is any point? Are the fonctionnaires working through the lockdown?
  23. Mr Huge


    Pope, I think, Norman. About Lord Hervey.
  24. Thank you for the courteous replies to my post. If it of use to other forum members, Holiday Inn at Toulouse airport will accommodate me for one night, allow me to park for fifteen nights, and shuttle me to and from the airport for 160 euros. I am happy to share this with everybody.
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