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  1. Thanks Nomoss, i will revisit the website. Regards.
  2. Hello Geordie, That's sort of what I thought, but an article in a well known newspaper alerted me to the fact that not paying taxe d'hab. doesn't absolve everyone from paying TV licence. As we declare enough to pay impôts sur le revenu I need to look into it: I've opened the box! Regards, Hester.
  3. Thanks. Off to tax office then. Mea culpa on my part I daresay, naive of me not to look into it sooner. Regards.
  4. Thanks for your replies. I've looked through everything and at online tax account. Can only think that somehow the tax dept. has missed billing us. Could you confirm that it's still the case when completing annual tax declaration it's assumed one has a TV unless the box on front page is ticked to declare otherwise. Regards Marie.
  5. Hello, We haven't had a Taxe d'habitation bill for a few years, receiving a letter stating that we benefit from the government's gradual elimination of this tax. OK, lovely, only now read something which made me realise should perhaps have still been paying TV licence. Not received a facture for this, nor ticked any box to say we dont have a TV. We pay tax each month on our revenue. Looked at govt. websites and it would seem that even if exempt from taxd'hab, still have to pay licence if this is because of govts. 'phasing out. Anyone have a similar experience., is there an online form to pay? Thanks. ;
  6. Hello, just received similar email with an attachment that I didn't open. So pleased that I could refer back to this thread. Thanks.
  7. Hello, We have used a similar set up in the past for one of our dogs. Dogs looked after and kept in the home and garden. Always needed to check vaccination certificates etc They are always very busy with clients from Britain, France etc. They also do a pick up service if necessary. This is in the Limousin. You will already have experience and be familiar with the admin. I recall that they couldn't have more than 9 dogs without needing "paperwork" of some description. I would have thought that it should do well once established. Regards. PS my dog sitters have now expanded as were so busy, they have some Kennels also now.
  8. Just as an aside, if you use Facebook, there's a group " la creuse community" where folks seem to get plenty of advice, and the rest...lol I'm just a lurker every now and then.
  9. Hello, My OH has to have a test prior to a medical procedure. Two labs that we know of in 23:: Laboratoire Gueret Biolyss and Astralab in Aubusson. He is using Aubusson as we have bloods done there. I phoned for appt but had to make it online, there was plenty of availability. Wanted to know reason for test, was he vaccinated. I had computer problem so phoned them again and they did it for me. We are in the health system and they wanted his carte vitale number, so not sure how this works otherwise - As a private client maybe. Regards.
  10. Thanks for your replies that helps. I've sent them a message, because although it is apparently a blanket email they shouldn't be saying "nos services n’ont toujours pas reçu votre déclaration". No doubt I'll receive an automated response! Update: reply received came from my local tax office. "Bonjour, Vous avez reçu un mail général d'information auquel vous n'avez aucune réponse à apporter. Cordialement." Jean-Pierre ..............
  11. Hello, I've had e-mails reminding me to complete my tax return which initially spooked me as already done, but one today a bit more ominous and ambiguous as states that they haven't received it yet. Then goes on to say yet again, but if you've already done it bla di bla. Yes, I received a confirmation email when it was done, but start to doubt what's happening. Has anyone else had the same? Thanks "La période de déclaration des revenus de l’année 2020 touche à sa fin mais nos services n’ont toujours pas reçu votre déclaration (more blurb contact nos etc) Si vous avez déclaré vos revenus en ligne dans les derniers jours, ou si vous avez déjà déposé une déclaration sur support papier, veuillez ne pas tenir compte de ce courriel. "Nous vous remercions de votre attention. La Direction générale des Finances publiques"
  12. Sueyh, Pomme gave me some clear instructions how to look at previous forms in the reply to my posting "Form 2042 - Divers" (11th May) Regards
  13. Like many of you I've checked Banque de France for years so going to keep going, but I only have one end of month pension to check. Average came out at 0.8893/1.1244.
  14. Good, I'll try that. Thanks for the prompt to do each page, think that's where I went wrong last year.
  15. OK, thanks. Didn't manage to print a copy from last year, but have had some tax relief on donations to charity in previous years so maybe that's why. I'll take it out this year as nothing to claim back, and try and find a way to print out the pages when completed!
  16. Thanks for the replies. As an aside does anyone know why under the heading "Charges" my form has come pre ticked in section "charges deductibles (pensions alimentaires, epargne retraite), charges et imputations diverses". Don't know whether to un tick it or not. Thanks.
  17. Hello, I'd like some help on this section please. Last year ticked boxes 8sh/sl . This year I see there are two other boxes 8RP/RQ higher up under this section and wondered if these are the ones to use now no longer in EU/la Suisse. Hope this makes sense if anyone can help. Regards. Edit: just found a posting by Pomme 6/10/20 which clarifies what boxes 8RP/RQ are for, I'm not techy enough on my tablet to copy but seems these boxes aren't relevant for pension income. Sos.
  18. Hello we have found our two vehicles via www.lacentrale.fr Gives a good idea of current prices and the site gives a value for the car. We found a garage that imports new Renault from Belgium and bought our first ever new car for the price of a used car. They took our old banger in part ex. Good luck. www.largus.fr also good site
  19. Just to add Creuse (23): applied October 2020 (already had CDs 10 Yr dated Feb 2019) Both received e-mails to attend prefecture, but unfortunately not on same day. Don't know if we missed something when completing online application as I know other couples who have been called in with appts one after the other. OH went last Mon. Me next Tues. Our emails were different, mine had my name and a ref. no., his just a ref no. Plus he was asked on email to take proof of domicile. Not on my email. Rest of the list the same:passport, current titre card, photo, black pen. Passport checked, photo stuck on a sheet, signature in box next to photo, current titre taken. I asked if I could be processed same time, no such luck!
  20. 12 week's time for me also. This seems to be the advised timescale now, Friends here in France being told to get second jab 9 -12 weeks.(AZ)
  21. Hello, just to share my experience. As I now come into the category to be vaccinated with AZ (71 under three years of cancer diagnosis) I 'phoned a vaccination centre on Friday to ask if I needed a prescription. They said no, and gave me an appt. for yesterday late afternoon. Left with a printed sheet giving my Carte Vitale details, the vaccine I'd been given, injection site and appt. for 12 wks time. I had a restless night's sleep, a bit chilled and a headache.Got up with flushed cheeks and slight temperature. Had paracetamol and feel back to normal this evening. Hope all goes well for everyone.
  22. Hello, cards arrived today after an SMS yesterday informing us that they were on their way by post to be signed for. SMS were received after the application on Tuesday informing us of the application progress. 15 year validity. Mine still in maiden name, as I have read on other websites - "The name on your French driving licence is your name at birth. Your married name may be registered in the driving licence database but this does not change the name on the driving licence itself." Thank you all for your help. Regards M
  23. That's excellent news for you. Nothing moving here in the sleepy hollow; La Creuse. Applied in October scanning 10 year CDS's obtained in Feb. 2019. Only had the acknowledgement of application and ref. number email. Other departments seem to have been very efficient. Regards.
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