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  1. Hi

    Just for the record, the dog is middle-aged, I am a spring chicken. There are very few English around Salignac, certainly none in either of the schools we have identified for the kids. There's a real sense of community (French not expat) and I love foie gras. Vive Le Dordogne. What's not to ❤️
  2. Hi all,

    Unfortunately, our house purchase close to Salignac, just north of Sarlat, has just fallen through. We are still keen to move to the area and hope to do so this side of Xmas. We are looking for a minimum three bed house/gite for around 3-6 months, possibly a bit longer depending on how long it takes us to find somewhere else to buy.

    Anyone with anything of interest please comment or email us at paulshield101@gmail.com. Would prefer to do this privately but if anyone has any good websites or Facebook pages for rentals in the area please let us know.

    We are two adults, two kids and a middle-aged well-behaved dog.

    Many thanks
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