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  1. Sadly, that is correct mint! Customer service doesn't run to apologies.

    Anyway, I rang Orange today. The bill is due by Monday, even though it only arrived 2 days ago. After a bit of conversation, I noticed that on 3 previous bills, 10 euros was due but also10 euros refunded for pret Domino!

    The July bill charges 10 euros and only refunds 0.67. That is for 2 days! I have no idea.....
  2. Thanks. I wondered if it might be something like that. A few months ago the internet went down and we were lent a dongle thingie but returned it to the shop, with contract, when the Internet was back. I remember the contract said we'd be charged after a month, but we only had the thing a few days!

    Funny how this happens... Last week we had a letter from the firm that serviced our mower, saying we hadn't paid a bill in Feb. We paid when we collected it, I don't think they'd have let us walk off without paying. Unfortunately with the UK credit card which was later mislaid, so all records were wiped out. I have a receipt stamped 'paye' so I phoned. After checking, they agreed I had paid - no apology.
  3. I agree, some reviews are puzzling but if there are a lot and they are mostly good, they do help. e.g. people posted that the 19.50 breakfast was not worth it, so we went a few yards along the beach and had a basic but very acceptable one for 8 euros.

    One person complained that the Michelin starred resto didn't serve kiddy meals. But if you want chicken nuggets and chips....
  4. Interesting. We were told they are a problem in the south, so parsnips are grown in the north of France.

    Last year we planted parsnip seeds that a friend sent from the UK - commercial ones, not home gathered. Not sure how they became wild!
  5. Just see this. We go to one in Moissac. Unfortunately named Dog Style. There is another one in the town too.
  6. Our Orange bill for Internet and fixed phone seems to creep up and up. I notice on the latest bill 10 euros for 'pret domino' . No idea what it is and certainly don't remember asking for it!

    I dread phoning them to ask as it can take days, and they don't answer emails.
  7. My husband came out in a hideous burning rash last week. As he had a GP appointment anyway, he asked about it. Apparently the problem is wild parsnips and the rash is particularly bad if you go out in the sun. He had planted parsnips but there don't seem to be any real ones.

    There seems to be nothing to be done, no creams or lotions to relieve the pain. Just have to wait it out I guess. Particularly irritating as it will be 38 degrees today. And to complete his day, he's just got two wasp stings!
  8. ebaynut - I hope you look better than your photo - I can't bear to look at it!
  9. Funny that you see 'Socialist' as in insult. It's just a point of view.
  10. Yes, as I said above, I intend to but gave the hotel a chance to reply first. Looks like the only way I'll get a response is via Trip Advisor!
  11. Thanks Angela, I intended to do that, but gave them a chance to reply first.

    Contrast this experience with my night in a UK chain hotel last week. (Decent bathroom, £55 a night. ) They sent an email questionnaire, to which I replied (no complaints) and the next day I received a personal email thanking me.

    I love France but - and French friends agree - businesses and services so often have terribly poor customer service.
  12. We'd only booked 3 nights, it was a short break between OH's regular hospital treatments and we didn't need the stress of possible unpleasantness and having to look round for another hotel because of a cracked washbasin and a scratched leg.

    As I said in my post, the leg in bath episode happened on the last morning.
  13. Yes, I know about lack of response in France: hospital, prefecture, tourist office, hotel, bank....

    We are pretty easy going and not in the habit of complaining. The hotel was full and we didn't inspect the bathroom before the staff member left; never registered the bath was, frankly, dangerous. And we are not yet doddery!

    I looked online and found no info on the owners. I don't think it's one of a chain. I'm left with the impression that they have our money and couldn't care less! Would have expected more concern from somewhere that claims to be special. Yes, it was busy, but there were plenty of staff and the manager would not be involved in housekeeping tasks. And how long does it take to email? They were quick enough when we were asking about booking! So although we loved the town and the views, we are left with a feeling of disappointment after high hopes and spending more than we normally would.
  14. Recently had 3 nights in an expensive seaside hotel, top of the list on Trip Advisor etc.

    The room was OK, nothing special, the bathroom basin was cracked and the bath (with shower over) was narrow in the middle, with two fixed metal flaps (armrests?) at the narrowest point. Day one I scratched my leg. Last day, I thought I'd try the 'whirlpool' bath. Somehow as I sat down my leg got stuck across the bath, knee wedged under a metal flap, foot under the other one. I really panicked as it's a horrible feeling not to be able to move. I envisaged having to call a handyman to release me (cringe!) Hubby managed to force my leg out and I was left with a bruise. The whirlpool effect didn't work anyway...

    I mentioned it at reception and was told 'I'll look at it'. The only way to fix that bath is to replace it. Back home, I emailed, politely, pointing out the problem, how I felt, and suggesting having a bath like that in a hotel was not a good idea. No reply. If I was American I'd have sued for physical injury and emotional distress! Surely I could have expected an apology, or at least a reply?
  15. Thanks for that! I was crying with laughter. I shared it on Facebook and hope people enjoy it too.

    I haven't been on the forum since 23rd June; too depressing and worrying to think about it all. I was in UK for a week (first time in 2 years) and all my friends and family, kids and their friends were horrified at the referendum result.
  16. Erm, if we're being picky, I always thought the plural of chateau was chateaux.

    If they are short of cash for the renovation, why have a flash wedding for 200 guests? These programmes always have an artificial deadline!
  17. We've seen several Intex pools in the supermarket but there is no-one around to ask anything e.g. the difference between the shapes and sizes, wood look or not.

    The land is sloping so we'll have to dig out a flat area, possibly put decking above to make it easier to get into. (Son's partner has back trouble.) Does anyone have any helpful advice on which sort of pool to choose/avoid? We aren''t looking at the inflatable type ones.
  18. The form seems to ask for gross income, and the pension obviously reaches the bank after deductions so we still need to convert from sterling.

    It still seems much simpler to use one conversion rate than to check bank rates 38 times a year!

    I promise myself that I'll get the form done before the deadline next year.

  19. It seems horribly complicated to check bank rates on the days money is received. Our state pensions are paid four-weekly but not both on the same dates and OH's teacher's pension monthly on 27th. That's a lot of checking!

    I thought the tax office came up with an exchange rate for the year, but I can't find anything on their website.

  20. I found that when I tried to download a copy of the forms there was no K on them. This might be because it's for new people. After the first one, you get sent the forms by post each year. And they have a K on!

    I just wanted a spare because it's easy to make mistakes, and to have a copy of what I put, for next year.
  21. I watched them all, recording so I could zap through the irritatingly long intro, the 'coming up' clips and the ads. I found it interesting and admired the people working hard to get their businesses going. There was only one family that failed, because they didn't have enough money behind them and spent a lot renting a house before their business had even opened. The voice over was annoying though!
  22. I'm told a Power of Attorney should be organised while one is still of sound mind, otherwise things can get complicated. Does this exist in France?

    If in UK, we could have a POA drawn up naming each other, then our children, subject to a medical diagnosis of incapacity. Otherwise there could be problems accessing bank accounts, paying for a funeral etc.

    Does anyone know?
  23. I don't think we have deeds as such, but we have our copy of the contract the notaire produced when we bought the house. That notaire has now retired, and you may well find the same - if so, maybe the new one has the paperwork. Or is it stored centrally somewhere?

    You can go to the Mairie and ask who is the registered owner of any property. We did this when we wanted to ask about land adjoining ours.
  24. Well, I might try that!

    I usually don't answer calls that don't start with 05, but it's being disturbed that I hate.

    Recently we've had mostly the automated calls but I still have to get out of my chair - or bed - in case it's a friend or the hospital calling. My husband is ill and I am an insomniac so very occasionally we let the dogs out, feed them and try to get back to sleep - so annoying to be woken by a nuisance call at 8.15.

    I spoke to a very nice man at Orange and asked if anything could be done about nuisance calls and he said no, but if it's really bad you could contact the police - I don't think our gendarmes could care less. The other day someone told me that since they went to internet phone with Orange, they can block numbers of nuisance calls. But I can't! Maybe they have a very clever phone?

  25. Blodwyn


    We are lucky in having found a lovely cattery half an hour from us. We looked at one where the cats run together and didn't like the idea at all.

    Apart from the total lack of infection control, cats don't usually get on in a large group. I have only three and we book two pens in the cattery because one does not get on with the others!

    Have you looked on/posted on Anglo Info in your area? There is probably a Facebook group too. You could ask vets too.
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