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  1. A few private messages ask if you can come along if you are not a musician....Of course..its a open house come and have a beer and meet others. I have had a lot of good responce although I have to say not too good on here but it should be a great time.
  2. LAST EDITED ON 27-May-04 AT 09:06 PM (BST) Hi there ... after a few too many wines and many meetings the boss of the donjon in bourdielles has let me start a musicians workshop on thursday nights, starting on 17th of June. Its for singers and guitarists etc to come along give us a tune and sing a song... meet lots of other musicians too.. I am running it with a good friend so we will be kicking off the evening with a few songs... and keeping it flowing.. A PA is there along with a keyboard and mic's etc... just bring your guitar.. Would love to see some of you there..we do need a lot of support.. and the good news is that if it goes well we can keep it going all year.. what else is there to do in Feb??? phil
  3. LAST EDITED ON 05-May-04 AT 10:11 PM (BST) Hello all... I was wondering how Gite owners were managing on such low KW's of electric... We are trying to use Gas where possible but how do you stop your guests from using the tumble dryer, washing machine, dishwasher, playing music with all the lights on and making a cup of tea at the same time without it all tripping out. Anyone got any good tips... Phil
  4. I was wondering what the law would be regarding an above ground pool given that its sides are already 1.30m high and are relatively flat and impossible to climb??? Locking the ladder is an option... Anyone any thoughts or news on this? phil ( who hasn't got round to building the pool yet )
  5. If you miss live music you might like to know that I am starting a musicians workshop in a hotel in Bourdielles starting in June. Hoping to attract all the local musicians to get up and do a bit. It will be running on a weekly basis. Should be fun phil
  6. I have heard that french mortgages are at a far better interest rate and a friend has one fixed at 3.8% for 15 years. Thats what I call a bargain... phil
  7. Hello... I was wondering weather any of you satalite users were able to get and Scandinavian TV.. Our family is two parts Danish so to keep our daughter's Danish up to scratch we would like to be able to see some Dansk TV. Swedish TV would also be handy. I wait in hope... Phil
  8. Wheres the column that use to tell us how many people have veiwed our post???? Come back where ever you are... phil
  9. I was lead to believe that the lights and sockets etc for the bathroom had to be on their own dedicated circuit/fuse. Is it true then that the bathroom light ( in ceiling ) can be a spur from the lounge and bedroom lights for example??? And the same for the socket which I am keeping a long way from all water anyway. Can this be a spur from say the lounge and bedroom supply too?? I know that the hot water is a seperate issue etc. While I have your attention is it true that I can have 8 bulbs on a fuse and 8 sockets from another fuse providing that its not for heating elements?? Answers on a postcard to...... Thanks phil
  10. hello again..... I am wiring my houses at the moment. One has three bathrooms. I know a bathroom need a special supply but can I run more than one bathroom from that supply... Trying to keep the fuse numbers down. I look foward to the answer i feel I already know.... nothing is easy...is it ? phil
  11. Hi there ...again I am wiring my houses at the moment. One has three bathrooms. I know that a bathroom has to have a special supply. My question is can I run more than one bathroom from the bathroom supply. I am trying to keep the fuses to a reasonable number. Cant wait for the answer I feel I already know as nothing is easy is it.... Phil
  12. Not in your area sorry... but 7,700 euros is very expensive.... phil
  13. LAST EDITED ON 23-Mar-03 AT 11:03 PM (GMT) At this stage of my renovation I should know everything...but there is one thing I am having trouble with... I have some floorboards that won't come up without a fight which will break them and so I have kept them and sanded them down and they look great..really great. The problem is that when they were put in they were obviously green wood ( new cut ) and they have shrunk. I now have up to a centimeter of gap between a few of the boards and I want to fill them with something that will not crack a week later. They are a light wood and I am sure it is poplar.... Any ideas? Theres over 100m2. phil...PS I am loving this sun.
  14. You can treat for woodworm yourself quite easily...its just a boring job. All bricomarche's sell woodworm and termite resistant chemicals...get yourself a small spray gun and you are away. If you do it yourself it will cost peanuts but make sure you soak it well... over rather than under do it... phil
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