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  1. Kong... Anyone ...please ... this new place on page 3 for UK bank interest is this where gross interest from the bank would go ? Or is it for bank interest that has had tax taken out?

    Anna getting more confused than ever, sorry.
  2. Ceejay, I would be very grateful if you could explain a little more . Because I have been doing research and finding that another forum is also talking about just where to put the UK bank interest that has NOT had tax taken out , the agreement seems to be that it does not go where many people had put it previous , ( 2015/14 inbox IV B Autres revenue de valeurs page 2) But to put it in on the new format pink 2047 part 25, page3😀! Revenue n'ouvrant pas droit à abattement, third line down so it corrosponds with 2TR so we end up the same place on the blue form as previous years but not on the new pink one.

    So for you if nothing's changed which place would you be referring to for bank interest gross? Thank you . Sorry if I have confused anyone as I am certainly confused now.
  3. Correct me if I am wrong but I had understood that it was a legal requirement to fill in the pink Cerfa 11226*18 . 2047 for anyone recieving a pension or any income outside of France.

    It is a work sheet, that re directs you where to place figures into the blue forms. Also it requests details that are not requested on the blue forms , therefore it allows the tax office for example to see which country at a glance where you have your bank interest etc . Where your pension comes from etc.

    Many people don't automatically get sent it with the other tax forms, so you have to download it from here , I am told its my obligation to do this!!!

    For this year the pink form 2047 the link is here.....

  4. Like you we got The letter to say they agree minus that 2% and like your letter if we do not agree etc. We were advised by treasury to do nothing as it was all a matter of them following a set procedure, and true enough after the initial letter of approval 3 or so weeks letter seperate degrevement papers arrive showing for each year claimed 2012, 2013, 2014 , now we wait I suppose another month before the money arrives in the bank, fingers crossed!!! Again all thanks to Parsnips 😘
  5. Thank you for the link and to check reimbursements Jay. Isn't it great when we can all help each other. Such a nice friendly forum.
  6. We went to CPAM yesterday (waited 1hr 40 mins!! For our turn) but she seemed very impressed with all the documents (thank you to everyone) accepted copies of everything and never asked to see an original. She also asked for a new RIB.

    We even took new passport type pictures but said they would only be asked for by letter in a week or so after attestation arriving.

    She did not want me to hand in carte vital and said I must continue to use it as in 4 weeks time we would recieve an attestation with a new number only then will the carte vital go non valid. Then within 4 weeks after that we will recieve carte vital. She said as soon as attestation comes we must notify new number to our mutual as reimbursement by them to us is automatic through CPAM triggering it off.

    She was very pleasant and smiley as we were.
  7. Thank you all so very much , you have helped me yet again.

    I am armed with everything and have made copies of my S1.

    We are off to CPAM this afternoon!!

  8. Thank you very much for that.

    The letter that came with my S1 states....

    Take the S1 forms to the relevant local authority. They may ask for proof of your identity and residence in France. They will register the S1 form, keep one copy and return the other direct to the Overseas Healthcare Team in the United Kingdom.

    Oooooo , now reading it again do you think they are saying "they" as in they will send a copy back to the UK??????

    I get so scared doing anything like this

  9. Can't sleep thinking what happens next? I would be grateful if someone could tell me what to do...... I applied for an S1 in my own right as I had been piggy backing on husbands E121, 2 of the same came in the post completed . It says take it to CPAM and send a copy back to UK. Errr now confused , so if I take both to CPAM will they keep one and stamp the other and that's what I send back to UK ? I can't get my head around the bit that says send the copy back to UK does something get done to the copy by CPAM??? Can anyone remember what they did, please. Oh and it says proof of residency may be needed , would our tax returns do as we do not have a carte de Sejour. Thank you. Anna
  10. Perhaps my logic is flawed, but I think perhaps now is a good time to buy some € before it goes worse. It will I think go worse before it gets any better.

    10 mins ago we bought with Torfx ( used them for years) £2000 worth bought us 2,520€

    It will be in our French account at the latest tomorrow morning but likely late this afternoon.
  11. Yes just done it. Link does not take you to exact page so I just searched for pension within its own page and it came up , and then confirmed with the email it sent me. A very interesting page with soooooo many petitions on the go.
  12. Yikes , yesterday a letter arrived to say that they agree to pay ( but not that 2%, that others have spoke about) plus interest , if we disagree we have 2 months to say so.

    Shall I email him to say we accept so that we and themselves don't have to wait the 2 months . I am thinking we might get the money sooner if we say we agree, what do you think?

    A big thank you to all that have encouraged me to apply and especially to Parsnips who I think kicked the whole thing into being in the first place, bless you all Anna xx
  13. A scary thought, I had an idea that just maybe it was powers that be collecting info for when Britain exits the EU they will have our data in one box freshly collected and up to date ! The I.P. on the end I had down for meaning I=Immigration, P= Passports. Doh!

  14. Oh my goodness we had the same letter this morning. All details are correct except we must fill in I think the number from the carte vital.

    Could some kind person clarify this for me please .

    In answer to this ...

    Dans ce but, elle doit disposer d'information completes et exactes sur votre etat civil.

    Do we send a copy of the marriage certificate?

    And for this do we send a copy of the last letter from the state pension office saying what the state pension is for husband and or do we send the letter showing what state pension we have for both .. how do you predict for 2018??? I am confused. Thank you
  15. Is anyone having problems with the forum renewing its pages so very slowly?

    Tested it on other sites and there is no problem.
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