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  1. Judith and Sueyh - I got this info from another forum which might help.
  2. Question on Share Dividends. Can someone please tell me which boxes these need to go in on 2047 and 2042C. Thought I had got my head around this but after reading conflicting views am really confused, especially regarding the 17.7% dividend tax credit. Many thanks.
  3. Hi mint - I found this recipe which might be of interest - haven't tried it myself. https://www.food.com/recipe/the-best-brownies-54225 I also found this for conversion of "cups" : https://www.cookingconversions.org/cupmeasurements.htm Hope the recipe turns out ok. Let me know and I might be persuaded to try it.
  4. mint - Glad the link helped. Please update us once you get your glasses. Hopefully they will be ok but, if not, it was worth trying the FOC ones first.
  5. Hi mint - if you look at https://www.ameli.fr/morbihan/assure/remboursements/rembourse/optique-audition/lunettes-lentilles Swap the "morbihan" in the link for your department.
  6. Thanks betise. Problem now sorted. The television has a built in Freesat. No VPN. I tried to retune the channels but nothing happened so that is when I tried unplugging the TV and then plugging it in again. Never known that to work on computers but it worked on the TV.
  7. Thank you but increasing the volume was the first thing I tried. Doesn't make any difference to sound for HD channels or radio channels - all these remain mute. Tried turning off tv, unplugging for 60 seconds and when plugged in again everything ok and back to normal.
  8. Have got an LG web OS tv and a couple of days ago HD channels lost sound. Have tried looking through sound settings but of no help as it's just the HD channels that are "mute". Anybody any ideas - could I have pressed a button on the remote by mistake, although I can't see which button would have caused this. Any help gratefully received.
  9. I, too, had never even considered having to enter details of a credit card on the 3916 but the matter was raised in several threads on another forum. As you say it does not hold cash. Someone on another forum has sent a message to their tax office asking for clarification but, having thought about it again and logically, I agree with you and cannot see how details of credit cards comes under the scope of 3916.
  10. pomme thank you so much. One of our credit cards is our current account provider so that's fine. I will have to look at the Barclaycard account to find the account number and presumably enter that as another bank account. I might (stress might) have a look at doing the return online. Once again - thank you.
  11. Do we have to enter details of credit cards and under what heading? Have always completed our return on paper with a list of all accounts and their details but it looks as if a paper declaration will now require a separate form for each account. Why do they have to change things every year?
  12. Have just seen this on FB - the fiscal consequences on individuals of Brexit www.impots.gouv.fr/portail/files/media/1_metier/5_international/brexit/20210222_faq_brexit_nid_13662_particuliers.pdf and it seems to indicate that, as a result of Brexit, rental income, dividends and interest deriving from assets in the U.K. will be subject to an additional 17.2% tax Ouch!
  13. Thank you - I do still dip in and out of the forum. We did expect to have to take some sort of proof that we hadn't moved elsewhere. Whole procedure has been very smooth and well organised as far as we are concerned.
  14. We are in 56 and had our RDV on Thursday in Vannes. We got our 10 year cards in 2016 and were asked to bring in votre passeport ; • deux photographies d’identité récentes (format 35 mm x 45 mm) (pas de copie) ; • un justificatif de domicile 2020 ; • votre ancien titre de séjour ;
  15. We bought ours from Amazon UK.
  16. Thank you Norman. Will go through those tomorrow to check that I didn't miss anything out and hopefully all will be ok. Once again many thanks.
  17. Help! I just got a Free.fr sim card as my 2nd sim and have activated it etc. Problem is that all incoming calls to that number go straight to voicemail. What have I or haven't I done and how can I rectify this? Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.
  18. Thanks pomme - I went back to earlier year and found tthat the amount pre-filled related to social charges the previous year. Am still searching to find out what the credit was last year.
  19. Hi Laurier I have just found on another forum where to find the notes: "At the very top of the Avis there is a box La notice de cet avis est disponible en cliquant ici...clicking on the link takes you to another web page Notice avis impôts sur les revenus-prélèvements sociaux https://www.impots.gouv.fr/portail/form ... ts-sociaux and clicking on Formulaire 1534-NOT-K : Notice avis impôts sur les revenus-prélèvements sociaux gives you the explanation of your avis and all the notes." Just going to have a look through them and see if it helps me.
  20. Many thanks pomme. I have compared the two declarations and the only difference I can find is that on last year's (for 2018) there is an amount pre-filled in (on Form 2042K para 6.1) against CSG deductible connue, calcule sur les revenus du patrimoine There is nothing against that for the latest declaration.
  21. Thanks pomme for your reply. That part of the calculation is fine. The figure I am querying is for the Prelevement Sociaux. Last year in this section on the Avis there was a line Credit d'impot revenus etrangers (51) - this year I don't have that and was wondering if anyone knew how that was calculated and why there isn't a credit this year.
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