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  1. i lived in the Dordogne Payzac24270 beautiful place very rural, i did not like it at all, for all its beauty i found it hard to integrate the area has a high population of Brits all P&O builders, i met some nice French but the Farmers surrounding my property were not at all friendly.

    I moved to the Lot Et Garonne  beautiful place much warmer than the Dordogne and has french and British everyone is more welcoming and i have thrown myself into the town life. Although there are British they are not trying to impose there way on to the Area, no cricket team?  Everything is much more accessible Toulouse and Bordeaux are only a hour away and you can drive round the L7G in a day.

    highly recommended,

  2. that appears to be the general consensus regarding the skimmer

    will try magic sponges

    thak you

  3. hello

    Thanks for the help in the past the pool now is up and running just a couple of questions

    i have been advise to put a large chlorine tablet in the skimmer there seems to be a lot of disagreement on this one ?

    or to tablets in the container in the pool do i do this daily ?.

    i run the pump over nite for roughly 4hrs and only put on in the day for cleaning.

    round the sides of the pool is ingrain dirt which i am gradually removing with a soft brush  Fibreglass pool any suggestions?

    thanks in advance

  4. Hi finally got my pool back after years of neglect by previous owners, however there is slight discoloring on the steps and corners of the rough fibreglass any ideas what i can use to clean it appears ingrained.


  5. Hi

    i am setting up an micro entrepreneur business and i am booked on the required 5 day course.  In the Dordogne the course was held in English !

    has anyone attended this course and has any paperwork in English which would be of assistance to me

    thank you in advance

  6. black fly blite   what do i buy in France

  7. hello

    i am after free top soil in 47600 nerac area not sure if this is the right place to post this

  8. sorry pool size is 4 metres x 9 metres i think it is 2m deep


  9. hi

    the pool is fibre glass and has not been covered for years we bought a cover got rid of the silt and put clean spring water in as instructed by previous owner.  the pool is excel prelude 70 series C10P70342. i think it is 5ft x8ft

    The products he left are

    chlore choc 20g

    chlore choc shock 20g

    chlorent 250g

    bayrol soft and easy tablets i think this iw wghat he has put in

    augmentateur d'alcalinute

    we bought yesterday in superu sos reilrapage

    not used yet was not sure how long to run we have been running when we are outside?

    can not work out how to attach photo

    sorryhubby is at fishing comp and i am watch the footy

  10. hi

    now all up and running how do you clean the water ? we have a nice new cover and have fot rid of all floating debris.

    thanks again in advance

  11. thanks so much jonzjo, for the link it explained everything nicely ,my husband managed to get it all working so ta very much

    i will probably be back when we start using it

    thanks again


  12. hi

    thanks will watch yes full of water

    but i really wanted a professional to service and then answer questions we might have

  13. My husband needs a partner to fish the pairs match fishing competition at bruch near nerac47

    any takers its for this Sunday

  14. hi

    it is choride  fibreglass pool

    the pump appears to be running but not pumping which is why i thought a service may throw some light, my first pool so not sure how it all works

  15. hello

    Can anyone recommend someone qualified to service a fibreglass pool, which i have inherited with the property we have got rid of years of debris just need the pump serviced and advice on use. the pool is guaranteed for 10yrs contacted the company there recommended serviceman is 4hrs round trip i am in Nerac47

  16. thank you

    exactly the point i was trying to make and for the record i do speak french but when in pain i would like to be able to communicate and be understood quickly as the op stated i did not ask or need any other profession-in English so why this attack i have no idea .

  17. thanks everyone doctor found and now registered,

    please can we now stop the character assassination which it seems to have now changed to the town of Nerac alittlebitfrench ( you missed the joke on the name)

    why not start your own topic  this ones now concluded

  18. hi

    thankyou for the ear bashing and the judgements and assumptions alittlebitof french and iban have you quite finished with the character assassination feel free to carry on as it says more about your small mindedness than mine. i have no idea why you feel it necessary. must reflect your lifestyle. 

    A big thank you for the pm with the English speaking doctor i contacted this morning living in nerac.

    just shows you two do not know eveything



  19. hi

    thanks for the information everyone and the debate on whether or not it is ok to speak English  as a French doctor  and i am truly amazed at the hostile reaction of some. I have been fortunate to have experienced really good French Doctors whom speak English i was just hoping to find another here in Nerac especially after some posted  previously that they had.

  20. just because you have not experience something does not make it false?

    Can we just get back to the question please alittlebitof french

    as your replies are irrelevant.

  21. not at all i am just stating the fact that for the last 7 years i have been treated by English speaking doctors in 2 different departments in france ?

    therefore they obviously do not agree with you that it is " a liability issue"

    so my original question is valid

  22. hi

    Well thanks for the mix bag of replies having just joined this forum i thought the idea was to give advice on the subject, not lecture a newbie and make all kind of assumptions, actually just for the record my french is not bad hence i did not need an English speaking hairdresser or as suggested a plumber just thought some one may like to recommend a hairdresser in the area if they know of a good one.

    however when dealing with health issues especially if in a stressful situation or in immense pain i was just inquiring if there was an English speaking doctor as there was a post in 2005 on this very forum suggesting indeed Nerac had an English speaking doctor.

    i have just moved from a different department in france where most doctors spoke English as did dentists. So the comparisons to England in a previous post, lectures on my standard of French are completely unnecessary and irrelevant.

    please just answer the question  and if you have nothing to add please do'nt be  so judgmental and condescending.

  23. hello eveyone

    just moved to Nerac 47600 lot et Garonne

    looking for an English speaking doctor and dentist to register.

    happy to meet folks living in the area, will also need a hairdresser and fitness classes, or running club these do not have to be English speakers

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