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  1. Felix, that sounds like an unpleasant experience, though it is bound to happen.. Once we had a man banging on the main door at 1:30AM because he had booked and wanted to proceed with the check in.. We thought he was never going to show up and after waiting most of the evening we eventually went to bed.. I can assure you that he was NOT an easy guest... He stayed with us for 3 looooong nights.
  2. Hello, we've had to follow the course, costs about €300. You do not have to include alcohol in the meal's price even though many do include drinks. We also cater for all dietary requirements and we quite often have to cook gluten free/lactose free/vegetarian meals. The worse we've had is a lady who asked us (no, requested) a vegan, salt/pepper free/, organic & fair trade AND fat free meal, and that without telling us ahead..
  3. Hello there, we've had similar experiences with Dutch people. They somehow tend to be a bit more demanding and not as gracious as other guests yet they seem to all love old buildings and history (a characteristic shared with German people).
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