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  1. We run one 2 bed gite, it was always tight for space, so it was always going to be a shower room. We have had 19 weeks let this year with lots of families with children of all ages. Not one has mentioned the lack of a bath, we do however supply a baby bath. I agree with lots of the other poostings, in particular re the water shortages. I also have two girls aged 7 and 8 who like showers and baths alike. Long live showers, one of the greatest imports from the continent ever.    
  2. For some time now I have thought that it would be a good idea if somebody ran a one or two day pool maintainence training course. Most of us seem to become pool owners with little or no proffesional training, although this forum does provide some invaluable help and advice for the likes of me. Looking after a swimming pool is a big responsibility, yes we pick up tips and advice here and there, but would it not be great to get some proper hands on training. I certainly would be interested in subscibing to such a course if it existed.  
  3. Peter, Thanks for that, I would die if my pool were that green. My ph is fine as I have an auto system, the cl is at 3 at the moment and my temp is 25 degrees, so I am still confused. Have you heard about stripping down and replacing the sand in the filter at such a young age?  
  4. I have been struggling all season to keep the dreaded green slime at bay. I have a rectangular salt water pool, I regularly vacuum the floor and walls, backwash and rinse the sand filter, add chlor choc when I get an attack, and each week a dose of anti algae liquid. My filtration is during the day at the prescribed hours depending on temp. But every couple of days it come back to haunt me. Am I doing something wrong, what else can I do. I have read in Terry Tamminen's "Ultimate Pool Maintantance Manual" (which has nothiing at all about salt water systems) that I may need to strip down the sand filter and replace the sand, but the system is only a year old. Hendo, can you help me. Any advice gratefully recieved.
  5. We to installed the 2005 Aqua Sensor Alarm with some trepidation in May this year. We have had no problems apart from keeping the water levelright, and it does seem to take quite some time to activate when we test it. But overall we are pleased with it.  
  6. We live in the Charente Maritime, we have one very busy gite and a 10 x 5 pool. We have an Aqua Sensor immersion alarm. So, we have a major dilemma on our hands, if we continue to top up the pool, then we face fines as there is currently a ban on this activity in our dept. However, we also have an immersion alarm which must have at least 15 cm of water over the sensor to be in working order. So, if the pool level drops below a safe operating level for the alarm, the alarm is in effect inoperative according to the manufacturers. The penalty for this, is potentially 45 k euros as I am sure you all know. So do we close down the pool, and inform our guests that our terms and conditions allow for this, or do we fill our pool? Any advice willbe gratefully recieved.
  7. Andrew, Many thanks for your most informative reply, I am glad that I have not got it too far wrong. Your response was most helpful. This forum is an absolute godsend for those of us not in the know.
  8. I have a salt water pool, when the dreaded algae appear I add some Chlor Choc tabs, I also use algaecide on a regular basis. This normally does the trick for a few days. My question is can you use chlor choc tabs in conjunction with a salt water chlorination system, I ask because the guy in my pool supplies shop said that you should not? Any ideas gratefully recieved.
  9. I agree that immersion alarms are a waste of space if no one is in residence, call me cynical, but they are the cheapest way of satisfying the law. There is no substitute for proper parental supervision. We purchased one of the new Aqua Sensor Premium alarms in May this year, with some reservations as the previous model had a very bad name. To date we have had no problems, apart from keeping the water level right, which is a major problem here in the Charente Maritime as we have a ban on topping up pools. A real dilemma as if we fill up the pool we face a fine, but if the alarm is not working we face a 45k euro fine!!! I would have preferred the solar powered option, but so far I am very happy with the Aqua Sensor Premium.
  10. Can anyone help me please, I have a Sky digibox and card, abut I seem to be having lots of problems recieving the BBC and ITV 1 channels. I can get Channel 4, 5 etc. I have tried disconnecting the power and re-connected the co-axial but to no avail. So I would appreciate any help and advice.
  11. We used a locally recommended company from Lorignac called Piscines de l'estuare. The pool is very good, but they started in Jan 2004 and we are still waiting for them to finish the pool house! So no recommendation there. Our neighbours however used a company from the UK who only install pools in France, it took just 2 weeks, they are called www.splash-pools.co.uk
  12. Many thanks to you all, I did not realise there was so much to it. I do like the idea of asking for a 20 euro note in an envelope. Cheers, Jim JAMES.
  13. Quillan and Coco Many thanks for your help and advice. Jim JAMES
  14. We have just had a deposit from an Irish client in the form of as cheque from an Irish Bank for 80 euros. Our bank CA, charged us 16 euros for the privelige. What does everyone else do with euro cheques from other EU countries. Some friends of ours even had a Spanish Bank euro cheque refused. So much for the single currency!
  15. Mikey, Many thanks, your reply seems to confirm my fears. When you say poolguard alarm, is that a perimeter laser alarm?
  16. We have a gite with a pool and want to purchase an Aquasensor Pool Alarm, but we have some reservations as we have heard some concerns, ie they are set off by the wind, they are easy to steal, and they seem to cost a fortune. So anyone out there who has one, I would be grateful for any advice. I am also having trouble finding a decent supplier. Many thanks, Jim.
  17. This is our first year as Gite owners. We have recently had a problem where someone made a booking for July via the phone and e-mail. So the booking was pencilled in, availability updated. We were awaiting the booking form and deposit, but nothing. So we e-mailed the clients, and yes they have changed their minds. Does anyone have any ideas about how to get around this problem. Should we have kept the dates available until the deposit was recieved? Any suggestions gratefully recieved.
  18. Gay, Point taken, I may have been a bit hasty.
  19. I am now a gite owner, and for the past 20 years have rented many gites in France. The holiday rental market is changing. No longer do people want to pay extra for water, electricty etc. Also these days people to do want to lug bedding and towells along with them to their holiday destination. So my point, well what about all inclusive pricing?, I appreciate that this might not suit longer term winter lets, but I feel to charge for water is missing the point.
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