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  1. Hello -this is my first posting and I'm just looking for advice. My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a house for holidays near Le Bugue in the Dordogne, which we have had an offer accepted. We have just received the Compromis de Vente via our UK based french property solicitor along with the diagnostic reports. We are concerned about the electrical installation, which has thrown up quite a few anomalies which include earthing and bonding, overloading of circuits, bare wires and electrical equipment that might cause electric shocks. The report is from August 2014. The house consists of 2 main parts-one habitable 2 bedroom house and an attached barn which has had renovation work started. I am wondering if the installation and new wiring in the barn is forming the majority of the report as it is still work in progress. We are reluctant to sign anything until this has been checked out and despite the property appearing to be structurally good, this would probably be an appropriate opportunity to have the general condition of the property checked too.  I have commissioned an english surveyor to go in and examine the property and have emailed the agent to advise him of this, but he has not acknowledged-I am guessing he is a bit miffed as he has been pushing for us to sign! I do not wish to cause too much upset to the french vendor as we have already negotiated hard on price, as they need to sell promptly and we are cash buyers. I know that there is no legal obligation on them to put right the electrics, but I feel that we may need further price negotiation if things need to be made safe. How would anyone else approach this issue?
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