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  1. Sorry, why is Albert giving people advice here about ways to break the law/get round the law after they've already been caught doing so?  Is that one of the reasons that this Forum exists to help people do things like that? Like some of the other threads that get pulled, this will do LF's reputation no good if this and similar threads ever got to be public in France. Chanced your arm and got caught - the easiest thing to do is just pay up and then fill in the export forms, make yourself legal by complying rather than taking more dodgy advice.  
  2. Afy, could I suggest that if you are now living and trying to work in France you learn a little patience? Posting one day and then posting the next day with a rather petulent second post will do nothing to enhance your relationship with the French is that is how you're going to conduct yourself. As Val said, there are already many French website design companies and there are also plenty of non-French people trying to get into the market also, have a look in the English newspapers if you want an idea of just what the competition will be like. When I recently posted askling for people to design and organise a web site for me I received 10 replies in a few days, so there are plenty of people around already doing the work. Bit late to ask the question and get a non/negative response if you're already here and looking for work. You'll also need some money to invest yourself, if you've not already done so you need to read the threads on setting up business here, not at all straight forward.
  3. We were flooded 3 months ago and still can't get any of the repair work done until the insurance company have notification from the Department whether the flood was a catastrophe naturale and then whether the last owners have to pay something for a vice cache. Out broker tells us that three month wait is common, six is not unheard of, whatever ....... In the meantime we sit here with three chambre with partly stripped walls, a sejour and passage with nothing on the walls at all just a tide mark where the water reached.  We have bags of wallpaper stored for the expert to see (though why he/she will want to see the wallpaper god only knows) and a neat pile of carpet and lambris in the garden which is also for his/her attention, though what they will get from that so long after the event is anybody's guess. Oh well, patience is a virtue ......... 
  4. We're in the SE corner of 24, high on a hill overlooking the Dordogne Valley. We watched the storms last evening over St Cyprien and over towards Les Ezyies, watched the storm clouds rolling down from the west which usually means rain, lots of breeze in the trees and ......... not a drop, not a single drop of rain though our friends 8k away to the north had torrential downpours. If anybody has any spare rain would they do one of Icini's little rain dances and point it this way please.
  5. In our area of 24, bonfires are stictly prohibited as the Mayor was quick to tell us when she dropped by a few weeks ago and apparently there is some ?national ordnance (may be Departmental though) during the canicule about lighting fires, smoking and the like within (I think) 200m of woods, heathland, open dry places and the like. We live on the edge of a wood, very dry and very dangerous so for the time being we are either shredding the stuff we're cutting from the hedge and trees or taking it to the ?dechetterie. Even after storms the floor of the wood which is under a very dense canopy, which I'm pleased to say we now own a large chunk of, is bone dry, lots of dry leaf mould and plenty of dry branches and stuff - a real catastrophe if any of that lot catches fire. But try telling that to the farmers locally who are still happily lighting bonfires!
  6. The Rex Cinema in Sarlat is going great guns again with a short season of VO English films from the end of July through August. This place is really worth a visit if you're in 24 and want a pleasant and very inexpensive evening out.  The proprieteur there (whose name I always forget) is a real film buff so earlier this year she managed to get all the films nominated for Oscars VO, the majority of which hadn't gone on release in France as French versions. And from what I understand she was the instigator of the Sarlat Film Festival which takes place every November and is very highly regarded in French cinema circles as it attracts some of the big actor/techy names every year. Don't have the email address but details can be found with a google search. 
  7. I've been watching this on the BBC with great interest as many of us probably have. I was at the Spaghetti House (with the good guys) and remember what happened there very well.  I also did a few spells in places where carrying a weapon was a matter of routine for police officers who (including me) would have and often did use them. Unlike many of my ex-colleagues I don't believe in the death penalty except in very extreme cases but two weeks ago I found myself changing my mind. It's ok commenting on this from afar, we're not actually there on the ground having to deal with all this.  My old Dad used to have a very simple philosphy on all this sort of thing - if people think that they are soldiers and fighting a war, if they are casualties, that is their decision, soldiers, in uniform and out of it, expect to get killed. If these bombers - and I'm assuming that the guy killed this morning was being immediately pursued and was a threat to life - want to do this sort of thing they take the consequences. Shooting to disable isn't enough - if he had triggered a device and another 50 people had been killed, we'd have complained about that also.  And if he had been shot through the body, that may have detonated explosives he was carrying. I am a political liberal, I worry about human rights, fairly left wing etc etc and also worry about what your UK government is doing to the law in the UK.  But I also think - from what we know and we must all remember that we're making suppositions here - that the police acted in the only way they could, they have probably saved lives doing what they did today.
  8. Ummmmmm, I probably should know this but what is AI?
  9. You should not assume that being made any awards in the UK automatically qualifies you for payments in France, you will have to qualify for access to the French system and meet the French criteria for disability benefit to get anything.  I understood from messages here that getting registered in France as being disabled is very difficult and beaurocratic, one of the reasons that I didn't bother when we came here earlier in the year. You are correct that you will get your Incapacity Benefit paid in France but your DLA payments depend on the date of your award. My understanding is that the award date needs to be before 1992 (I'm sure somebody will confirm this or not) and if you don't qualify for DLA, you have to apply through the French system. If you have a long-term disability you need to go through the registration process with CPAM and then get your GP to write a letter supporting your application to have your medication costs waived. You will also need to check that all your medical costs are covered by the general exemption from charges.  If not you will need a Mutuel to cover the cost of any medication, visits or treatment which is NOT covered by the generel exemption for fees.  I'm lucky in that all my additional conditions can be attributed to the original condition so I should be exempted for everything.  
  10. We looked up and down the Dordogne Valley for sleepers a few months ago.  The railway guys were replacing them with concrete sleepers, nipped to both Sarlat and le Buisson stations but no joy. Rare as hens teeth around here.
  11. I did something very similar in Perigueux a few months ago, left my little black bag under a table at lunch time. I phoned the restaurant a couple of hours later and, like Deby, it was there and when I picked it up, all intact.  When we use the restaurant now, the staff always ask me if I've remembered it! I think that the French life style (well, around here in 24 anyway) seems to generate this sort of approach though I'm not sure that I'd get the same result in some of the big towns. I'm impressed and amazed about the way the French banking service runs on cheques with no guarantee card which is another form of honesty.  I know that the consequences of bouncing a cheque are serious here but the fact that everybody takes them - paid for my shed/chalet, E2000 - with a cheue at BricoMarche, no problem. We'd have taken blood from the customer for that sort of sale at B&Q, cheque being checked, card being checked .... and still we wouldn't have delivered on time    
  12. The point I was trying to make is that when somebody was challenged about posting rather strong messages a few days ago, their reply was 'how do you know I'm not a lurker', their choice of description, not mine. My point was that if somebody used the excuse of knowing what was going on because they had been lurking and reading what had been going on, the argument would not hold water this time because they had only joined the Forum so recently. On a broader point, it seems to me that what the trolls are about is starting arguments and being disruptive. When we get into this sort of discussion, aren't we playing their game? 
  13. Oh dear, SVP! has only been a member since 20.08 yesterday - it's in his/her profile - and again he/she is banging on about what Mods have been talking about recently. So, unless the newbie has read, understood and inwardly digested all the messages to do with Mods and what they do or don't do, the tone seems to exhibit a degree of longer-standing familiarity. And, can't be a lurker, can't lurk for under 24 hours really, so that argument/reason/silly excuse goes out the window.  
  14. As it's clear from other threads that the Mods have access to all sorts of interesting internet info, perhaps they can check when somebody who purports to be a first-timer actually joined up, which will show whether they are truly a 'lurker' or one of the resident trolls carrying on their sad little campaigns. If they are not lurkers, when somebody says that they are and they are not, they're obviosly up to mischief and are telling fibs and should be bounced out.
  15. Sorry, not that they were the only novels that Dumas wroite of course, just the best known outside of France I would think. There is a Penguin History of France, Volume 1 covers the revolution/pre revolution period, now out of print, by Alfred Cobbam, which is academic but pretty good.
  16. I thought that the Dumas novels - 3 Musketeers and Twenty Years After - predated the French Revolution by about 40 years. If you're interested in the period before the Revolution, time of Henry IV, try La reine Margot, which is again based on Dumas I think.
  17. Hi You might try a film called 'Danton' starring Gerard Depardieu, well worth the searching.
  18. Earlier today another forum newbie, two bikes, 1st posting said: "Look what they did to poor old outcast,he stood up to the three or four privileged few that can get away with insulting members and using four letter words in their posts.Sorry to see this forum being taken over by the pc elite,it,s a real shame,and it,s a tragedy to see the moderators hand in glove with some forum menbers." Smacks of similar threads in the past - now if two bikes it truly a forum newbie, 1st posting, how come he/she knows so much about outcast? Is this the return of GavinBlair, another forum newbie, 1st posting, who knew a lot about the history here, who equally couldn't spell or punctuate properly?  And had the last thread he started pulled? Surely if somebody is joining time after time from the same internet address, there must be some piece of kit that picks that up for Living France and auto ban them? Now that would add to consistancy without the Mods being involved.  
  19. Tony F Dordogne


    Seems odd replying to this thread but I've learned more French gynaelogical terms in the past few weeks than I'd ever thought I'd need to. J had a p[roblem a few weeks ago and after shopping around we were told about a femaly gynae in Perigueux, Dr Girronet.  I spoke to her secretary, no chance of an appointment until 3 October.  We then went to see our GP, he was a little miffed, made telephone calls and we got to see her within 10 days. J had been on HRT for 10 years and when the gynae found that out she stopped the medication at once.  And, as she said at J's age now, she shouldn't get any of the previous symptoms. Visited the Clinic again yesterday for XRays following receipt of results of all clear 'women's' tests and all appears to be well with the XRays. Fantastic service all round, couldn't have been more helpful, both GP's and specialist's care and support and both explained that the French system now says no HRT for longer than - say - 5 years with some flexibility.
  20. Blimey. that's novel, a Forum Administrator being brave enough to admit where they live!!! Not that you'll be short of company Hoddy but if you fancy a drink sometime, get in touch ....
  21. I complained to Forum Admin and received a message to say that they had read my pm to them but they didn't even do me the courtesy of replying to my message.
  22. Berbiguieres, small village and commune close to St Cyprien (24). Just the two of us, no animals or children but bees will be arriving next year. Best decision I've ever made apart from marrying Jenny.
  23. It's interesting that Living France has to protect itself in this instance but doesn't seem willing to protect itself when people post messages that are offensive and may be regarded as racist, for which they might also be prosecuted.
  24. My son and his wife arrived today and I don't think I've ever been so pleased to see them.  My son is working at Kings College in the Strand and my daughter in law works in an office opposite Kings Cross and they both travel to work from their home in Brixton by bus.  My daughter in law had to walk from Queens Park to Brixton on Thursday to get home and told us today that she was pleased to do so, at least she got home all in one piece. Until we moved to France in January, I worked in the Euston area and regularly caught a bus from Camden New Church, which is featured in many of the news reports of the bus bomb and travelled down past the BMA. Jenny used to work in Aldwych and her greatest fear was that a bomb would be placed on the Underground.  We both travelled across London when the Irish problem was about and regularly had journey's disrupted, couple of 4 hour journeys right across but at least we got home. We are both news fiends (something to do with our working lives and background I think) and though we have moved to France we have tried to keep up with the UK and French News, TV and newspapers.  We asked one of our friends who has lived here for nigh on 20 years what the French version of the Guardian is (being vaguely left of centre politically) and were horrified to know that they had never bought a French newspaper in all the years they have lived here.  We sorted it out ourselves but if we don't understand what's going on in France, how can we hope to really integrate here?  After all, French politicians set our tax rates and laws so if you don't keep up with at least the French news (generally) how can we understand the country we're living in? Rhetorical question, no real need to answer. 
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