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  1. Sounds all to familiar to me.

    We had a similar problem though not with a road in such close proximity.  A bank at the back of our house ran rainwater straight onto the back wall.  The previous owner had allowed soil to build up and had built a lean-to on the wall and the water ran straight into the house, all above the damp course, all bedrooms flooded and the garage 2" of water.

    After consultation with the insurance company (we're now in a legal tussle with the previous owner over a vice cache claim) we put in a land drain about 20 cm from the back wall, after clearing all the soil and demolishing the lean-to, about half a metre down, covered in castine type stuff.  It's worked perfectly.

    Don't know how long you've been in the house but if it's a recent purchase and if the previous owner didn't tell you about the problem, it may be worth speaking to your insurance company about it, especially if you have legal protection insurance.

  2. This sort of follows on from a thread in the swimming pool section, not that we have a pool ..........

    When we have our new kitchen and bathroom installed we're thinking of using the grey water (shower, sink, ?dishwasher) to water the garden by pumping it to a large citern sited at the back of the garden, top of a slope so that we can trickle feed the potager, fruit bushes etc.  The rest of the garden is covered by huge water butts (600 litres x 2) so we capture all water from roof, some rainfall etc.  But if we can utilise the grey water twice, it will make sure we have some green in the garden.

    Has anybody any advice on grey water systems?  I heard somewhere that they are banned (?) but they are widely advertised in French gardening mags so I wonder whether that is true.

  3. After my last visit to see my haematalogue in Bordeaux, his assistant gave me a green form to claim my travelling expenses as I'm 100% covered for the condition that I have.

    The form looks really complicated, I've so far sorted out where I put my SS number and have to sign it but after that I'm stuck.

    Does anybody here have any experience of dealing with these forms and any idea of the amounts of money involved? 

  4. Hi ali, sorry but that's not quite correct.

    Even though you may be on benefit in the UK there is no assurance that you will get 100% reimbursement here.  You will have to speak to a specialist who will write to the CPAM (whatever) and will 'make the case' for the 100% reimbursement, assuming that the condition is on the list of ailments 'logue duree' that the French health system recognises - they are very liberal with their interpretation  of the ailments.

    It may be necessary to get your specialist to write to you GP in France to confirm the 100%, especially if you are on a complex drug regime with multiple conditions so the GP knows which one to give you a 100% ordnance for.

    Your GP can also put all this in place but if you have any sort of condition of long duration that has required hospital treatment in the UK as an out or in patient, get yourself (a) a GP and (b) to a specialist asap so that you can access the system easily.

    Invalidity benefit is surely paid here but there are strict rules about DLA - broadly if you got the benefit after (I think) 1994, you don't get it in France and if it's before that date, you have to make a strong case to continue receiving it.

  5. I broadly agree with a person's right to demonstrate but to me the guys who were demonstrating last week were completely out of line.

    And if they are so brave, show their faces, let them stand up and really be counted for what they believe in - people who hide their faces on demos, no matter what their cause, are cowards.

  6. My favourite discovery last year was just about everything - first year here, flocks of finches and tits in the garden, buzzards over the valley we look over, red kites, wild boar and deer in OUR woods - OUR woods have wild boar and deer in them!  Owls at night, watching the bats in the evening, it's where to start really.  After living on the east London/Essex border, this is just the greatest.

    Winter has been just about the best ever for me so much wildlife to see.

    And red squirrels, they are a joy.

  7. I looked around for retinning of copper pans in the UK about 18 months ago - in the end I gave up and bought stainless stell lined because when I found somebody to retin, the cost was collosal and it was just a few pounds more to replace them.

    Good thing is that the steel doesn't wear out of course as the tin lined pans do so in the long run, probably more cost effective.

  8. Wonder if ther's any chance of Forum Admin building in an automatic 'ignore' button when they do the next revamp of the software.

    That way anybody that doesn't like somebody else could just set their registration to auto delete messages from an individual who they don't seem to be able to stop arguing with.


  9. For what it's worth Stihl is the type used by the gardeners at Kew and the guys that recently took down 26 tress at the back of our place used nothing but Stihl - I have one, great bit of kit.

    If you get it from Weldom, it's usually cheaper than the specialist suppliers and with one of their loyalty cards, you get points towards your discount 'passports'.

  10. A couple of the French gardening mags have specials out at the moment - the fruit tree one is from Mon Jardin and Ma Maison I think, if not their hors-serie No 15 deals specifically with fruit trees, problems, pruning etc.

    I love the lichen on our trees, fresh air in the Dordogne after central London is just wonderful.

  11. My OH wants the door to the cuisine changed to an arch when we have the kitchen refitted in a few weeks.

    In the Uk you can buy the metal framing for corners of walls and arches, preformed, all you have to do is fit them, infill and then plaster over them.

    I've been to most of the DIY sheds in our area and the biggies in Perigueux - everybody knows what we want but nobody seems to sell them.

    Has anybody else found them here or will I have to get them sent over from the UK?

  12. We insured with AXA locally and after we explained the situation, they gave us a temporary cover whilst we waited for the no-claims letter to arrive and after receipt, they worked out the premium and we paid them then.

    It's not insurmountable, speak to your local broker, I'm sure that if AXA have this system, other companies will also.

  13. There's a new scrap car site for UK cars in Bergerac, previously known as the Bergerac airport car park.

    Been there a couple of times in the past few weeks and there are just loads - probably 50, didn't actually count them - old UK registered cars, some with prefix letters, liberally scattered around the car park.

    Hardly any with current VEL or CT stickers.

    So that's where you need to park your old wreck if you want to get rid of it!

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