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  1. Many thanks all. I emailed the office (google translation is a wonderful thing) and it appears it is because we had some renovations done - which we haven't. We got planning permission but only had a Velux put in. I've explained this to them and await there response!
  2. Hi I've just received my Foncieres advice, and the 'base' is double what it was previously. so the monthly debit we have been paying (by DD for the last 5 years) now has 2 huge payments on it for November and December. Any thoughts on why it has increased so much? Also - we sold our house in July, I believe we are liable for the full year - please could someone confirm? Many thanks,
  3. Hi, We've just done this. It took 2 working days. the transfer from the notaire was overnight, and we then faxed Credit Agricole (having rung first) and they did an immediate transfer to the broker we used. Note - make sure you have something official, say Attestation, as our bank wanted to see a copy of it. (And to process our cancellation of house insurance)
  4. And no Poole/Cherbourg sailings for most of January and beginning February 09. Anyone know why? Refit of Barfleur I guess
  5. Dear all I've used the search facility, but can't find the answer. I completed my return online, and today I received the avis. I have been paying monthly, will this continue or do I need to apply online again? If so, where can I find the 13 digit ref number that the website wants? Thanks all
  6. If you don't back your PC up regularly, I suggest you keep a copy of the digital certificate on a CD, memory stick or other device. We had to have our PC rebuilt this year, and when I came to register I needed a new certificate! Not too difficult I admit, but would have been easier if I'd backed up!! [8-)]
  7. Dear all I had permission to put a Velux window into the roof, and this has now been completed. That is all that was done to our house. (We did it to give more light to our mezzanine) Question - I will write to the Impots and advise that the Velux is now installed . .  but - do I need to complete the H1 when nothing has changed regarding the habited area etc? thanks as ever!!
  8. Hi all We have completed the works on our Declaration (at last). Now I had received a letter after if was granted telling us to notify completion in 90 days. I wrote and said we hadn't done the work. As we have now I need to advise completion, but . . . . .  I can't find the letter. Can you advise who I would have to notify please? Many thanks
  9. Thanks shimble - if we can't find anything nearer (we're just south of Cherbourg) this will be great!
  10. Dear all, I need to buy about 6 of the plastic strips that make up one of our shutters. The label on them says: A.M. Amoricaine de Menuiserie ETS J. Le Got Le Bretonniere 29260 Le Folgoet Tel 98 40 77 33 We've rung, but my French is not good on the phone (I panic). I wondered if anyone knew this firm - they don't seem to be in Pages Jaunes, or could suggest another supplier. Thank you!
  11. Dear all Does anyone know where I can get the above, terracota, roof tiles from please? I am in Manche and need a few to maintain my roof. Thanks!
  12. Our keysafe was also in an outbuilding, so no - not obvious. We don't normally leave the key in - it was there because we were half expecting friends over for the half-term. A good suggestion regarding leaving only on the day - thanks!
  13. Yes - I too found it hard to believe that someone would go to all that effort. Forcing the front door would have been easier! Gendarmes said 'there's alot of it about'. Our French neighbours spotted it - great that they check everyday! With our friends over there we have got someone staying in the cottage tonight, and we'll be over tomorrow. I guess I'll have to pay for timed-changeovers now, for guests to collect the keys.
  14. Hi all We were burgled last night, our cottage is about 40km south of Cherbourg. They got in by forcing our keysafe off an external wall, taking it away to drill it open. It seems they were disturbed before doing too much damage, but have stolen various electrical goods and my husbands tools. [:(]
  15. We go Friday to Friday - often slightly cheaper transport, plus if your caretaker is busy (most seem to be) it will be a help to them!
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