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  1. Hi Its sad but dogs have short lives In your situation I would let nature take its course I am sure with you attention your loved one will be OK its sense of smell will enable it to navigate It probably has only a couple of years and the operation could see it off let alone the expense
  2. Do what most french do when it snows juck a few handfuls of coarse sand around A few years back I could have bought a few hundred old cow/horse shoe nails very cheaply for you to stud an area
  3. Just looked in on FE its sad that its gone down hill Once it was great but the interesting posters have long gone I am proud to have been banned for life under different names 3 times now I had a pop at one of the admin last week and it was deleted in 5 minutes but reinstated and replied to 12 hours later they must be desperate The response below suggested I needed education strange as I have lived in France for 18 years Well, I could show you the best cafes, or where to park your boat, or get an education, or where Waitrose is or many other things. Neville
  4. Heard this today on the radio 4 A Sunderland foot ball team had a kick about with a Hedgehog By the time the RSPCA arrived it was winning 3 nil
  5. "HoneySuckleDreams wrote But from today in Luxembourg diesel is now down to €1.07 a litre....cheaper than Listerine 1.02 euros in Andorra last week
  6. Its great have a pop at "puter" but no problem with "co" it just takes time English will grow and grow
  7. just mark the clamp or take a photo in any case the old skew may have been out its around 8 o'clock looking at the dish
  8. I am about 50 metres from the Aude and its dropping but what a noise and the crap floating down
  9. After moving around France years back using cheap sky boxes to get bbc radio and channel 5 and later free view via a card and then a Manhattan Plaza without a card Its now impossible to receive free sat UK TV short of a Jodrell bank set up. For the last 8 months I have been using Unotelly a dns service via my puter a brilliant co What is available as a top box to receive UK telly as a cheaper option to a laptop I am happy with what I have but it just makes life a little more difficult with all the wires
  10. Quillan said "I don't know what all the fuss is about anyway, I would like some rain, I am still watering the garden." Not sure why you need to water the garden, I, unlike you live in Quillan and it has rained in the last week what are you growing that needs extra water
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