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  1. European paper wasp (Polistes dominula) are the worst creatures go within 3 feet of their nest and they sting you all the others are very tolerant and leave you be
  2. BritinBretagne said

    "I can read the quotes, can’t you?" No


    "He might also have found your reply unhelpful, personally I found it bizarre."

    Which bit personally is bizarre

    I find your old posts very odd

    BritinBretagne wrote:Not bad nomoss, in your post you only managed to copy two of the traits that you despise in other people; you managed to insult and write drivel, why didn’t you go for the full-house and use some bad language as well? Oh dear! Did I happen to touch a nerve somewhere? Exactly who did I insult? Are you just

    BritinBretagne wrote:Now you are being ignorant. Nasty little person.That's not very polite. I should send you some soap to wash your mouth out.Actually, I'm a nasty big person, so be careful

    EEck you sound like Trump

    You said

    I'm a nasty big person, so be careful

    So nice grow up

    Im Grumpy you are just Nasty
  3. Which part of the beams are rotten is it just the wall ends

    If it is Jack up the ends dig out underneath the old wall ends insert a similar beam size underneath through the wall projecting a half metre into the room bolt together and cement in the new beam support
  4. Hi

    Roses are interesting the root stocks are selected to pump up sap to certain heights you can get most flower heads on bush.standard and climbing roots, which rose do you like

    For a small standard I think any variety can be trained as you wish

  5. Hi

    I think you will find it hard to find work

    As for the Pyrenees a good choice the best end is the west Pays Basque or Bearn the the East Aude and Pyrénées-Orientale is harsh and unfriendly The Dordogne and Correze are OK but to many swallows ie part timer Brits which piss off the local French

    I started of in 1996 with a few quid a house to renovate and as a back up job the possibility to be a relief coach driver for Euroline at Brive but for me it worked out well

    Renovate your full time home probably 2 years and 3 years later sell it at a profit do it again and again any spare cash pay voluntary into the UK pension system The best of luck
  6. I hope the UK did not go to war for a religion, you may have a good faith but I have none, not many years back I would have been burnt

    Why should one or more people believe in the unbelievable and wontantaly kill unbelievers in their god

    Faith is chit and the word began with s

    If you believe in a god listen to the English anthem god saving her/it/him but just hundreds of armed guards must be Satan walking about or just another fairy
  7. Hi

    You have caught me out I am not grumpy let alone living now in that terrible place Aude In the old days you could see me on a pub table dancing with a pint in hand trousers down toilet paper up my bum on fire doing the dance of the fiery arseholes

    I am now off to see my old Army mates last seen 30 years ago to honour the deaths of my old regiment in NE Italy 100 years ago Its in a couple of weeks hopefully the passes near mount blanc are clear

    I made love to my wife many years before my father died but it was a place both my father and I since a child knew and loved very much

    PS Making love in a field with the grass, smell ,blue sky and insect ,bird, sounds/songs around is heaven best try it I still do
  8. I lived in 19 Correze close to the border Most of the Brits said they lived in 24 but although the villages looked the same, they were still both Crap

    The Brits are in 19 ,24 and 46 because the French could not find work in the 70's and left the areas they were poor areas hence cheap prices

    In the old days 1996, my first home was 24,000 ff for two houses and a hectare of land £24.000, how things have changed
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