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  1. Ah Newcastle Brown Ale, that brings back memories. It's got to be drunk from the bottle (the clubs wouldn't allow glasses for obvious reasons) and you are quite correct the French import is rubbish. Not that the French would appreciate it anyway.

    Now you have me reminiscing of drunken nights behind the Central Station when I was but a young lad.

  2. I'm not sure I understand Idunit? Your posts never for a moment crossed my mind. Why would you ever think that?

    Newcastle is a great city, spent my youth there, well most Saturday nights at the New Orleans Jazz Club behind the Central Station anyway.

    I too think everyone should post regularly on here to stop it dying out, even if the posts are nonsense - like this one.

  3. [quote user="NormanH"]Sounds more as if your tipple is spleen....


  4. If someone would be so kind as to tell me. Do English ipads and iphones

    have AZERTY keyboards???? Just curious. And I would like to know if,

    when I eat banana cake will I still get indigestion like when I eat

    bananes (sorry slipped into French there, must be because I lived there

    so long and am fluent, just seems très naturel) on a night time?

    I can't

    really think of any more inconsequential things to post this time of

    night, maybe a glass of vin rouge (Oh there I go again!!!!) would help

    but they don't seem to sell it in Newcastle, well not like the stuff I

    bought when I lived in France.
  5. I would definitely go somewhere else! You don't need a contract for a one off boiler service. We have ours done each year by a local firm, I just go into the office and ask them to call, no contract, no devis. They service the boiler and clean the chimney for around 110€ (that was last year and included a new jet in the boiler). Years ago we signed a contract for servicing fire extinguishers and it was a pain to get out of, even when we were eventually "allowed" to cancel they said there was a fee to pay (we told them where to go in no uncertain terms)!

  6. I think you will find the brown and blue are live and neutral. You will find detailed instructions on installation HERE (it's a PDF file)

    Edit - there is plenty of info on the net, try  "câblage de sèche-serviettes" in Google

  7. [quote user="NormanH"]2 things that may affect people here are the requirement for smoke detectors from the 8th March, and the suppression of the first income-tax band.


    Well if you have any common sense at all you will have already fitted smoke detectors.

  8. [quote user="idun"]Spyder, I speak and write franglais, being in the bilingual household I am in, we speak franglais all the time. Just because you don't like it, is your problem, as I'll not stop.


    I am often guilty of the odd slip just like anyone who has lived here for some considerable time, it is unavoidable and that's fine as long as everyone you are "franglaising" to understand what you are on about. On a forum like this I would suggest that is highly unlikely and will more than likely put some people off from posting. Not everyone on this forum will speak French and why should they? The fact that almost all of the posts are in English should give you a clue to the purpose of the forum. There are a multitude of French forum which would probably suit your obvious need to prove your fluency.

    I do try and in fact ignore 90% of your posts but sometimes have to read them for continuity.

  9. After the time you have spent on this forum Norman you must surely know what AnO is talking about, or are you just being a tad pedantic?

  10. [quote user="idun"]The UK benefits are a paperasse nightmare as far as I can see, no wonder as the DWP is headed by at least two people who I ....... well, I shall say no more, as the insults will fly.


    paperasse = paperwork, to those of us who write in English. Not that I mind French but I prefer one or the other. Let the insults fly.....................


  11. [quote user="idun"]Grrrr IF I see another ignorant french person insinuate that there is no unemployment benefit after six months in the UK, I reckon I shall scream. They say it on french tv too.

    So how can I really take this seriously hein? 

    Also, if there are zero hours contracts in the UK, well the CDD's are now down to 'days', is that any better?

    Both countries are so different, and facts need to be 'right', so I'll take no notice of this article.


    What are you on? "reckon" - establish by calculation? and what does "hein" mean in an English sentence? Is there some reason you mix French and English in the same sentence? We are all aware you once lived in France.


    "......... is that any better?" No definitely not!

    ".............so I'll take no notice of this article." Just as nobody takes any notice of your post!

  12. Yet another phishing email to look out for particularly if you have a FREE account (I don't). Received 3 of them in the last few days:

    Cher(ère) Freenaute,

    Conformément à la facture n° 05-35542962, établie le 07 Décembre 2014

    nous avons émis une demande de prélèvement auprès de votre établissement bancaire,

    il semble que ce prélèvement ait été refusé par votre banque pour le

    motif suivant : "Absence de provision ou provision insuffisante"

    Afin de régulariser votre situation au plus vite auprès de nos services,

    nous vous remercions de bien vouloir nous faire parvenir votre règlement :

    - Par chèque, établi à l'ordre de Free Haut Débit (veuillez ne pas oublier de

    mentionner le numéro de téléphone de la ligne concernée au dos du chèque),

    à l'adresse suivante : Free Haut Débit 75371 PARIS CEDEX 08

    - Par carte bancaire,directement en ligne à l'adresse suivante :


    This is a good site to find out if an email is a scam:


  13. She would be stuck on "do not pass go, do not collect a licence"
  14. [quote user="AnOther"]

    Something in very badly amiss if it's taking a minute to move through pages and hanging the browser.

    Don't shoot the messenger !


    I agree. I have no problems with this site. I'm using a Win 8 PC, Win 7 laptop and iPad - all have up to date, appropriate security software
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