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  1. Would anyone like to comment on buying a property via a private sale (English sellers) advertised through a property mag? Has anyone had good/bad experience of this? Anything to beware of? Would value any advice.
  2. Thanks again to you both - all info beats my total lack of knowledge on the subject! Would certainly take the sound advice of getting a couple of estimates. If it all comes to pass, will post the results for any other interested parties 'cos I think a bit of advance help with costs is very useful.
  3. Thanks - anyone else out there want to add their two euros' worth?
  4. Thanks a bunch! That would be in budget - gives me courage to take the next step...
  5. I've seen a small (one room downstairs, bedroom and shower room first floor, bedroom second floor) village house, on mains drainage and with electric heating, which may need rewiring and replumbing completely (tremble, tremble). If anyone has had to have this work done on a similar sized property, could you give me an even vague idea of the current cost?
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