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  1. Hi in reply to Chancer

    I am no electrician just relying on a 1968 OND in applied science, as there no earth I used the barrette, a metre and a half picket, and 15 metres of bare copper cable a metre deep its better than nothing and worked on my last 2 properties both which subsequently pass the tests when sold
  2. Norman

    Like you I have been a permanent resident in France for many years, for me its been a wonderful 19 years Its nice to know at long last I can dictate where my worldly goods go rather than a daft Medieval crackpot, who lost, dictate what I must do

    Its also an Eu law and nothing to to do with th the UK as they declined to accept it, domestically their rules will allow any inheritance provision
  3. My wife and I have 4 children from previous marriages and they don't get on well so from August they have no say in my UK will, all my dosh is now my beloved and she can do as she will

    I read somewhere half of Germany is subject to Napoleonic law the other half is doing much better, the farms are bigger and industry is not cut in pieces

  4. CSV

    I am trying to understand your wrath in having a go at me re" I'm trying to understand the situation of a French neighbour" is he/ she in France of any nationality or a French national neighbour in any part of the world

    next time you ask a question I cannot be bothered
  5. Hi

    I renovated two houses, now on my third since 1996 , there is no point in re pointing old walls or skimming the plaster boards as for heat insulation I imagine the air is still, ie not moving, behind the Plaster boards so no more need to be done

    As for old stone walls need to breath or they die , its odd that they are still here for millions years in the wet and in the dark and still here to day
  6. HI

    I have just purchased a house circa 1978 in the Aude a small village In the past I have lived in the wilderness and have made my own Earth

    Here three black wires enter the house and it appears one is used as Earth Any one with a similiar supply
  7. I am a bit at a loss a chain saw is quite capable of taking out a floor board with out causing mayhem in the right hands its very accurate Have a try

    PS Whats with cutting 3 boards

    "However, depending on the gaps between boards (pine floorboards shrink considerably over time), I usually would cut through the suspect board and each board next to it. With care, it is possible to lift the boards (pry bar) without breaking the tongues and replace. The boards normally will lift up to 30 deg. from horizontal."

    Making work or what
  8. Hi

    I am a bit of a loss on the above if you have tongue and groove it does not matter how you cut it out you will not be able to put a new T&G piece in without moving the adjacent boards

    As for spreading the load a couple of timbers screwed at right angles to the missing section will do the job

    PS Tenon is part of mortise and tenon not often seen in floor boards
  9. [quote user="PaulT"]Q wrote 'Anyway how long you live is not the issue, it's what you do when you're here that counts because you never get another chance.'

    Choose the right religion and you get another go :)[/quote]

    What has religion got to do with drinking or dementia

    more to the point whats the right religion if any
  10. Quote "Coming from that fair city I have to take issue with your description of Bristol......or, as the Bristolians very aptly would say "Bristle""

    As an old 18 Bus driver there I often saw Ford Cortinals and had problems with my TV aeria because I lived in the wrong areal

    Still remember the great expression look at her gurt big Brisols
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