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  1. the actually point in the first place,was one of can i unertake british plasterng on the auto scheme,reason is ive ben approched,by 2 fairly big british builders in france who say their clients want their homes plastered.again the question is one of can i ?
  2. uk plastering takes years to perfect,to be able to skim walls quickly and flat,our british gypsium once applied is knock proof,and hard wearing,and fire proof,its not so much that we cant get it here,its the fact that its almost 3 times more exspensive here,ive done some plastering for a couple of french friends,as a sample of my work,and they were very impressed with finish and the fact that it was almost  100 perent knock proof, im not out to undermine the french workers but its chalk and cheese,different materials,different tools,different techniques,and a very differnet finish.[:)]
  3. hi,for all those in the know,im a uk plasterer 8yrs now and counting,question is can i A,use my trade over here,B,will i need to retrain,C,can i do my trade on the auto scheme???i may be in the wrong section but any help would be good,as they say knowledge is power,and i know a digestive biscuit goes well with a cup of tea.[:D]
  4. hi paul,coming from a plasterers background,contractor work,i find i can skim boards quicker and get the finish i like,before say a person can tape,fill,spat,and fil again,then sand,and then sweep all that dust up,i know its horses for courses,and im sure a pro who tapes and joints may be fast,and ill give them,but i need some board finish
  5. hello to all,it may be a difficult one for you all,but when i came over to renovate my home,i only came with enough plaster to do my renovation,now ive found out i need a few more bags in order to finish the job off,question is where can i get some board finish,or multi finish from,ive tried the lutuce 2000L but old dogs and habbits,any help would be great,even if you have a few going beging,no freebies,ill willingly pay.
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