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  1. Without the drugs?

    "So smug, so judgemental, so intolerent" - I dont have a blue rinse, in fact very little hair (on the head).

    I do believe that other sports discussed on here have been castigated by the very people who are now attacking me.

    Biking is a pass-time not a sport, whether motorised or not.

    Also a means of getting from A to B.

  2. Same as you darling.

    Drugs not in the news yet?

  3. You will be ticked off by me for bringing the subject up on this thread.

    Bet somewhere along the line one of your ancestors was illegal and imprisoned.

    Probably pretty much all Americans/ UKers are or have ancestors who have been.

  4. I obviously dont get white, straight, or blue-rinse humour.

  5. There is another naughty "joke". Targetting trans people now.
  6. "Teapot might have been joking."

    In rather bad taste then.

  7. Are you sure black mamba is still allowed with PC Ness and racism. Mamba of colour surely?


    Some people do call the racism card for pretty much anything they disagree with though.

  8. I'm not a medically qualified person but I do relate to this book:


    Same the world over.

  9. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/902887.The_Rack

    Variable reviews but treatment back then was not as advanced / instantly effective (or not) as today.

    GG - one of my earliest experiences was seeing a patient and asking where he had been for his holidays - unfortunately nowhere: his liver was knackered.

  10. Ok - they are as professional as each other.

  11. Given her disabilties yet great acedemic ability, very well thank you.
  12. Bo / unt roe really.

    Anyway didnt the "girlies" of the USA just stuff the UK with a cup of tea.

    Isn't sport such a medium for looove.

  13. Nimt - my OH would have said exactly that.

  14. Mint - I would not be bothered and tell him to get a man-bag and sort out his own computer.

    See your other recent post.

  15. Ok it was my opinion at the time only watching the last bit.

    Perhaps K was a prat, but so was that wonderboy JC. Guess which JC.

    Wasn't he great !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will the other be great?

    Think Nadal of the same ilk.

    WB - yes "currently" - even you pretty much said so in recent thread .

    Anyway this is about sport and tennis in particular - did Sue Barker step to such lows???????????
  16. Just seen the end of the Nadal/Krygios match.

    Seems there was controversy earlier. But in the last set tie-breaker I was very disappointed to see Nadal being "professional" and using delaying tactics by stopping the play to contest a ball that was obviously out. It put off Krygios and Nadal then won.

    OK it occurs in all sports but still annoying.

    A shame, but I suspect that type of underhand play is being taught in his tennis school as well as in other "sports".

    He goes down in my estimation.

    Unfortunately its a reflection of human behaviour currently being shown in lots of spheres - shameful really.

  17. They were not rude to the anthem and that is the point.

  18. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jul/02/brexit-party-meps-turn-their-backs-european-anthem-ode-to-joy

    These people are below contempt.

    Hopefully the EU will suspend them with no pay soon.

  19. I think this is clear:


    I personally would prefer to remain.

    Insulting Corbyn for his age is probably insulting many people on this forum.

  20. Wow - At the G20 Maggie May is really demonstrating the UK "superpower" status. Russia and Saudi Arabia will no doubt hold their heads in shame for at least a millisecond.

    Trump will set up an Argentina "visit".

  21. "Plus we do have international obligations (which may not involve invading countries at America’s behest.)"

    Lots of UK money to the US and down the drain:


  22. A mild 37 today and 39 tomorrow - followed by around the 30 mark for some days.

    Sun dodging time.
  23. I dont condone Russia by any means but dont just look at the obvious choices from the western point of view.

    Perhaps look inwardly at yourself when you use such phrases as monkey. Its very racist and unfortunately too much in common usage in the West.
  24. That doesnt make it any better - you have managed to detract from any sensible discussion again.

    Who are the bullies? US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Burma, UK?

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