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  1. fair re exchange rate is when the UK can pull its weight (whatever it is) in Europe.

    UK aint a world power - ask Mr Trump. Its pi!!ed off every other world power.

  2. I may break your rules now.

    "fair" in my book taxwise is paying what is asked by the state.

    "Evasion" and "avoidance" should not be differentiated.

    Ask Mr Rees-Mogg.
  3. I'd be grateful for your reference to that not being allowed.

    I will obviously comply if necessary.

  4. Please tell.

    Do you believe that I am wrong when I said that most people look at the whole picture?

    Do you believe that most people don't?

    I'm sure it can't be the quote that Corbyn is the answer.

  5. Most people look at the whole picture.

    I'd also want a fair exchange rate.
  6. Did you really want to wade through such rubbish?

    If the comment about "come on ALBF, sod the barstewards" etc is normal then perhaps a more fundamental change is necessary.

    sorry NickP - was referring to the whole thread.
  7. Its a strange spectator sport. A bit like motor sport circuits.

    You position yourself on a small section of the route and wait for ages until loads of people flash past in seconds - then its over.

    Without commentators you have no clue about what is going on.

    Why don't they just have circuits away from public roads.

    Horse racing was taken of public routes a long time ago.

  8. My account/tax (etc) consultant suggests that Norm is probably spot on (though she/he(?) is not specifically expert on french taxation).

    Having said that I'm sure that if you are earning in the UK and living in france then any rise in the pound would be very beneficial and the increase in income would very much be overriding the difference in taxation.

    Corbyn is definitely your man.

  9. They are not touring all of what France has to offer then.

    Not biking as I know it.

  10. Yep, its a rule - so it just is as it is!!

    Shame is that locals in different areas seem to have different "rules".

    I will just smile tomorrow at the birthday party of a local patois speaker.

    Nb we get on well with O level ability and sign language. Today he just pointed at the black clouds from the normal direction of our weather and I understood straight away what he was saying.

  11. Just Google "quelle temps est il?" You get weather!

    But also "at the same time" is "en même temps".

    So time, weather and hours intertwined?

    No science - it just is!!

    As Sue (Scientist/Mathematician) says.

  12. Thats because few of the Brits are good at the game of tennis now.

    I do suspect that the commentators realise that they are being paid by the BBC and the audience is in the UK. Sue Barker holds the fort well given that Cliff is no longer in the picture.

    In reality though, Federer is well beyond Murray in terms of accomplishments (and ability?).

    So, indeed, when it comes to sport there is some acceptable bias in commentating. Not so when it comes to some nationalistic views in politics though.

    NB - YCCMB: quite surprised to see that you are sad for the French. I recall you being rather against them not so long ago in the ride.
  13. Cannot anybody see how sick this article is?

  14. What a wonderful man


  15. 1.

    The la-la land, bury-your-head-in-the-sand approach is not acceptable in my eyes.



    I dont think Bob Crow or Scargill are classed as one of the few. More of the brown envelope type though.



    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Notre-Dame_de_Paris There is a section on ownership in this reference. It might alleviate Iduns confusion,
  16. I would suggest that the pope is running a rather profitable business. As are loads of evangelical "christians" in the US of A.

    It was, of course, JC, but it could equally well have been Jesus - look at the torah or bible.

    Shame is that some people shamefully dont see Mints point.

    Your "how" comment really was so amusing!!
  17. ""We believe the real divide is between the many - who do the work, create the wealth and pay their taxes - and the few - who set the rules, reap the rewards and dodge their taxes."

    Guess who said that.
  18. The money should have gone to public services through taxation rather than given to greedy billionaires.

    Its sad that people cannot see how it affects them.

  19. Thank goodness that it has end.

    Shame that the law has not changed, or that the likes of YCCMB can change the thread (look) to get her irrelevant point across.

    Too many religious idiots in this world.

    Who really should give a damn what happened arround 2000 years ago.

  20. Agreed Birdy - I wondered what the blue fields were whilst going along the Chartres rat run a couple of weeks ago.

    Thank you WB - gritted teeth.

  21. Thank you for your enlightening contribution nomoss. Give quillan my regards.

  22. https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/ways-to-protect-yourself-against-asian-tiger-mosquito.331533

    Not France, but presumably same principles apply.

  23. gardian - if you note correctly it was WB with his flippant comment that was initially inappropriate.

  24. Gardian - why attack me. Re-read this thread:

    Re: Nominations for the most annoying Christmas TV


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