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  1. Haha

    One at a time please.

    Cajal: have not read the reference but have read several re chalk paint over time. What the ----- does schmishcount mean - WB will/can give you a lesson in simple english. Apologies for being abrasive.

    YCCMB: Methinks that the same issue very much applies to you. Why can't you be as honest?

    The very first problem I had with you was when, many moons ago, you disagreed with me over my comment that sat navs merely used lookup tables to change languages. I absolutely know that to be true but you were so adamant that I was wrong and your linguistics skills were far superior to any I had.. Grrr.

    Learn to accept that others may be right even though they do not have such "perfect" language skills (sic).

    I am (was) pretty good at computer languages but people really always are on a learning curve - though I fell off that one., Ask your OH - that seemed to be a problem with you as well.

  2. By now its probably the former, but I'm always ready to admit if I'm wrong.

    I do try to be at pains to say when I am not an expert and just giving an opinion.

    In fact I'm probably not an expert in anything. My expertise was based on 5 yearly certifications and I've been retired for more than that now.

    Now experience ............
  3. Thank you ALBF.

    However, as I have used both Farrow and Ball and so-called Lidl paint I think Chancers answer would have been quite informative regarding objectivity for this thread.

    I do remember when every man and his dog knew how rubbish french paint was (thin requiring lots of coats) compared to even contract paint in the UK. Has it now changed?

    Perhaps Action are using loss-leaders in France like JTF did. Go in there now and if you add on the VAT it is barely any cheaper.

    There is always a "however". There will be bargains in there depending on how useful they are to yourself. Chancer obviously finds it useful for himself - I have no quarrel with him.

    I'm sure I'm talking to the already aware though.

  4. 1. Thank you pomme - your reference certainly seems to give the correct explanation. If I remember correctly it did also taste pretty naff.

    2. I am still struggling to get my head around the expert comment that a cheap bulk-buy discount-store chalk-paint product can be just as good as an established/more expensive chalk-paint product. Hey-ho.

  5. OK, I will bite. Its another (non-food) discount warehouse with a purchasing division and evolving distribution system (explains Chancers comment of 2 units close together).

    Seems to have the occasional food item though.

    The one in Trelissac (Perigreux) is in the same tin industrial unit as animalis.com.

    Discount units have their usages but note that:

    1. buying a discount shower gel may be less expensive per bottle but to get the same "foamy/smelly" effect may require the whole bottle. I don't think that Lush, for example, will go out of business - by competing on overall value for money terms rather than unit volume price.

    2. We once bought a bottle of wine from JTF in the UK for £3.50p. OMG - sugar had crystallized out in the bottle!

    3. The plastic toys are usually [email protected] - worse than cheap Christmas crackers.

    So, may be useful for some everyday products. Possibly (rough) bog rolls but is it worth the extra petrol getting there.

    Nb for JTF the £3.50p did not include the VAT.

  6. If we had the same space/effort allocated to all the people who have died then there probably would not be sufficient space to enable the world population to live.

    Every life is precious. Lets spread out the misery.

  7. Have you been to Pierrefitte-en-Beauvaisis by any chance. Is there a connection with you.


    Quite a few others lost their lives on that and surrounding days/years too.

  8. https://www.completefrance.com/living-in-france/healthcare/11-things-you-need-to-know-about-french-pharmacies-1-5148234

    France looks after all its citizens - I would argue that pharmacies are underused in the UK but extra funding would need to be found from somewhere (taxing those who can afford perhaps?).

    If you google OTC medicines in France you will see that it probably wont change for a while.

    Don't really know the whole answer, but if massive quantities of a "drug" are used for a medicinal purpose then a doctor/pharmacist could well help. Even if it is only giving a prescription which can be reimbursed.

    If over 60 then freeby in the UK.

    I didn't feel ripped off last summer, though, when my GP suggested continuing with antihistamine and didn't issue a prescription for it.

    Its just a different system with different priorities.

    NB if using the internet dont forget to add on delivery charges.

    NB2 my take on twice the price for a trademarked product is - what a rip-off.

  9. Irony does not go down well on computer "talk". Its not face to face speak.

    When will you and other forum kings and queens realise that one cannot excuse a stupid comment by saying it is just irony.

    You need to say what you mean rather than let the reader try and guess.
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