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  1. Agree totally Idun.

    Though must admit that using proper nappies were not totally practical for our lifestyle at the time - I heaved many times before having to go to a fairly responsible job. (OH also as we both did responsible jobs and did not use servants).

    UK news this evening show some people who were totally furious about the climate issue. They were interviewed in 4x4s and were the only occupants - SW England of course. Perhaps they were in the wrong job - a better lifestyle if work was distributed more evenly throughout the UK.

    In our recent visit to Switzerland it was plainly obvious that public ( not giving money to investors though) services can be the answer.

    nb OH had a permanent bucket of nappisan in the bathroom.
  2. With due respect Gardian, why not read the posts from others on here who are also off thread and equally castigate them. Especially those intent on pure insults. Your post is not exactly on thread and without insulting comment warranting reply.

    Why not start an uninfected thread yourself entitled something like "All-blacks slippery slid to oblivion" or is that another fairytale.

  3. https://www.exiles.dk/cms/ShowContentPage.aspx?ContentPageID=15

    Not Wales, Mint, but in england the sport of rugby was so snobbish that rugby league was formed in Northern England.


    I do agree that rugby union is much more entertaining than league though.
  4. Tory type sport. NP is tory type Brexit person.

    Tories (Rees-mogg etc) want Brexit to avoid EU laws against tax avoidance - coming January.

    BTW NickP if you want Brexit so much why invest in europe?Hedging perhaps ??? Cos lots of knobs are.

    NB I like rugby but detest the snobbery associated with it.
  5. Try and find the black-swan report - the worst case scenario.

    Yellow hammer was the expected/likely.

    It will change, of course, when Gove releases the next "redacted" report. Nothing about long term effects of course.

    WB - just look at the different headlines between the Daily Mail and The Independent - as said before you plainly do not appreciate the subtle differences when reporting "fact".

    Your "too thick" issue is indeed correct if you quote just what the popular press spout. Sorry but your defense of "I read more" is just pathetically strange.

    Other recent threads of yours are equally wrong - we have just spent a few days with a friend (naturalised ) in Switzerland and her comment (not in any way pushed by us) was we ought to wait for no-deal - you aint seen anything yet..

    Equivalent of 3500 euros per annum required there,

    (don't know the baseline but probably includes transport. knowing her).

    And BTW its cheaper to live as a couple - so dont double the required amount. Silly, cheap, unresearched comments from you again.

  6. Hopefully it will not be necessary.

    But according to my reading then, as France is not tapeworm free (EU countries listed as free are Finland, Ireland and Malta) then people will still need to visit a vet abroad 1 day to 5 days before travel back to get that done.


  7. Cajal

    Your definition of Johnsons UK seems spot on.


    for a tory view.

  8. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/apr/11/switzerland-court-overturns-referendum-as-voters-were-poorly-informed

    Swiss is a direct democracy whereas UK is a parliamentary democracy.

    When all is said and done remember that the referendum was only advisory and the public opinion at that time.

    Very bizarre when farrage was complaining at the EU when the new lady was elected by a similar majority to the leave "landslide"!

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