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  1. Hi everyone, Looking for recommendations on English speaking accounting support, french (personal) tax advice, consultation Please PM details of recommended english speaking accountants if possible thank you
  2. C24 is a good strength grade. Thanks for the scierie link. I'll take a truck load so might reach out to them too. I know a bunch of local ones to get quotes. thanks
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I stumbled on their website before, the datasheet has no strength class, only treatment class.
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone have any info or help determining the strength classification for brico (brico depot, leroy merlin) wood? I've had no luck when contacting then. Fir or Spruce. There's no definition as to strength class from i.e. c18 to c24 which makes specification of wood structures difficult. thanks
  5. If anyone else has the same, "neuf Eaux Usees" is for toilet, washing machine, shower water waste. The whole lot
  6. Morning all. Thanks for the replies. The french term for transfer noted above in the forum helped enough. There are loads of videos online but most for mobile transfers & just wanted to nail it with someone else possibly having done it. Either way, turns out to be stupidily easy. All done, thanks for the input
  7. SAUR facture just includes a RIB I've never seen online transfer commands inside Caisse epargne portal hence asking here if anyone has ever done online transfers with them? Emailed the Bank Manager but they are on holiday
  8. Morning ! How do you make an online bank transfer with caisse epargne. I need to pay SAUR for some work. Or is it done by fax?
  9. The neighbour will know. thanks !
  10. The "neuf D'eaux Usees", is suitable for toilet waste or just waste "water"?
  11. if the stone wall is already on clay-soil (for sake of being pedantic), why would gambion wall on the same footprint make any difference to whether it sinks a bit or not? Also, how can i tell the type of soil in a glance?
  12. I used fireproof plaster, ensuring the join between regular and fireproof plaster was at least 2m from heat source to prevent (contraction) cracking between the 2
  13. Hello everyone, https://ibb.co/3TDSHrm https://ibb.co/Yk4zcHd This is a SAUR (water) devis for installing new water line and sewage line. "neuf d'eaux usees" is the sewage line right? Would appreciate second pair of eyes browsing over this. Price is fine thanks
  14. I wonder if there is a database anywhere of registered people, whom I could approach directly?
  15. Wonderful. Thank you. I love the cleanliness of the gabions. Will probably buy the mesh and form them up on site, if not, 15 metres at 80cm high would be around 2k eur for the gabions alone. Any pointers on how to lean back the gabions 5 degrees or so? Or would that be factored into the formed cage
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