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  1. Hi,

    I've been in france for six years. I came over on the E121 as I have a long term illness. I have a carte vitale and top up insurance.

    I've now been informed by the UK that my incapacity ( recently changed to Employment support allowance) benefit will be stopped at the end of this year, and I really need to know where I stand as far as health charges and how things will change for me. I've looked on the Affection Longue Duree list and my illness is on there, but don't know which steps to take now.

    Will I lose my carte vitale. I'm sure that I've read that if you've been in the health care system for 5 years, you can stay in it. Does that mean that I'll keep my carte vitale?

    I'm hoping someone can give me an idea of any steps I need to take. Thanks

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