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  1. If you think you are surrounded by people you think are arrogant and disinterested, and as one person mentioned of all your 'dreadful stories' of where you live then it begs the question - why choose to live where you live? You get good and bad everywhere - it's what people make of it that counts.
  2. Hello I speak fluent French and English and wondered whether anyone is interested in joining a French Conversation Group. I did this in England and it was a great success, we would meet once a month and have a general chit chat in Franch and then there would be a light hearted exercise (funny article to translate, etc) and then the conversation would return to English. If in the afternoon then it's tea and cake, or evening wine and nibbles. Very convivial, a good way of making friends and improving your language. Usual meeting once or twice a month. If interested, please email me, don't PM as I don't seem to get them! Kind regards nathalie
  3. Hello Looking to start a French Conversation Group in the Pau area. Not looking for more than 6 - 8 members, meeting can be at my home in Buzy in the Valée d'Ossau or at a friendly café venue in Pau. General conversations in French, with a not too high brow exercise in the middle, some funny article to translate, or citations to guess the meaning of, or even short plays where each takes turn to read out a character - usually good fun. A good way to meet people and brush up your French; I am fully bilingual in both languages. Cost is 5 euros per session. If interested please contact me. Kind regards Nathalie
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