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  1. Right last one - then I really will stop.  A sensible response thank you Sprogster.  Firstly there i s no way I would borrow money to do this - it will be a cash purchase and people seem to forget in the price we pay there is a home for us so it is not all investment - if we lived in the UK we would still have to buy a house to live in.  Secondly we are going after the family market where people with small children like us want to be with other people and are happy to be in a complex.  Believe me we have done extensive research on this model and whilst we know there is a lot of competition we know there is room for us and a market for us to go after.  The £90K per annum 4 gite complex was exactly this model and whilst I don't envisage getting to this level there is opportunity to earn a decent living despite all the gloom mongers [:)]
  2. I'm starting to become a bit peeved by this.  How do you know how much market research Ive done??  Ive done loads, with gite complex owners, with holiday makers right across the spectrum.  We have lived in France for 3 years- both speak excellent French and understand ( because we have done it before) all the implications of running a business in France.  we are aiming at a different level of client form the hobbyist and therefore belive we will be successful because we know how to set up and run a business. All i really wante d from this post was to elicit some comments from bona fide gite complex owners as to the state of the market, because I know it has been tough over the last few years.  To be honest all ive had is a lot of carping and now wish id never biohered.  There seems to be a section ( albeit small) of Brits who sit in France and carp on about how the exchange rate has gone down, their money doesnt go as far etc..... The market is wide and varied from the hobbyists to the professionals - I know which end I'm going to be at
  3. Dear Dear another one with an axe to grind.  Still if you are happy with your sideline then so be it.  My last word on the subject becasue frankly there is very little that is objective here.  I will continue my research and refining of the plan by talking to people that have made a succes of the concept and working my plan accordingly. #
  4. Thank you glad someone understands!!  We did live oin France for 3 years and did run a business so really understand all the cotisations, impots, etc...............and the wonderful 'fonctionairres'!!!
  5. Well I do seem to have stirred up a hornet's nest here dont I????  There seems to a lot of angst around this subject that has made me smile :-) I respect the peoples opinions on this but there are not many from people ( there are some) who are actually running a gite complex. There are two ends to the gite running spectrum that I have witnessed: 1 A complex where we have stayed in the Dordogne where with 4X2 bedroom gites the income ( before taxes and costs) is around £90K per annum.  This is not pie in the sky I have seen the books and bookings ( unfortunately this complex is not for sale) but we have become friends with the owners 2  A Gite complex that we went to look at near Sarlat where the owners just couldn't be bothered with both their complex and their guest ( again 4 gites) and used it as an opprtunity to earn a bit of extra money. The booking levels reflected their lack of interst in the business. maybe the reason that there havent been a lot of responses from Gite complex owners ( as opposed to Gite owners) is that they are making a reasonable living and are happy thank you very much. My research tells me that the potential is there if you run it as a professional well marketed business - time will tell.  Anyway back to my research but as always comments welcome!!!    
  6. Hi.   We are looking at moving to France to buy and run a gite complex.  We are not naive haing lived in France for 3 years before children and speak pretty good french.  On this and various other forums there are conflicting views about the state of the market but we think(!) that with the right property and marketing it should be possible to have a top line income of around 50KEuros from a 4 gite complex.  We have done our research and from our perspective it stands up IF we find the right property - obviously the key and we are now actively searching.  Reason for the post is to try and get feedback from currnt owners as to what the market is like? Are booking levels good? We are not looking at this through rose tinted glasses but as a lifestyle change but also as a good business move.   Any comments most  welcome    
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