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  1. [quote user="Mark"][quote user="Quillan"] I don't mean this is a funny way but why if you are buying do you want a notaire as normally either the seller or the French agent will have appointed one?   [/quote] Ah, Quillan, that's what I thought!!  But I read elsewhere that it was the buyer's responsibility.  Oh well, another problem solved, and a note to self not to use that particular website again.  Thanks.   [/quote]   Both facts are true - the seller has a responsibility to assign a notaire, as does the buyer - for the sale to progress.  It's up to you whether or not you choose to go with the same notaire as the seller.  We have chosen to go with the same one as the seller and all is progressing well (so far) - the notaire also provided a translator free of charge.  
  2.     ............ Jeanne [;-)]
  3. Having a Dutch registered chip I thought I'd give the link a shot and it worked perfectly, thanks for the link.
  4. Sorry to slightly hi-jack, but you mentioned that you change the bed linen every 4th day, how often do you change your own bed?
  5.   I'll join as he's just as nice in real life [Www]   (Photo's to the highest bidder)
  6. Dotty, we're about 10 minutes East of Niort (en route to St. Maxient L'Ecole), how about you?   As for the video, I've a few friends who seem to get every joke going and they forward them on to me - this one came from my nephew.
  7. Very envious, but can't help you with travel/accommodation, however - if you're a James Blunt fan - you've got to scroll down and click on the arrow in the video link here http://www.kahsoon.com/2006/04/24/james-blunt-bloody-cold/  sound must be turned on, enjoy [;-)]
  8. [:)]   Nice one Chris! [;-)]
  9. Love it, off to the 'fridge to top up my glass, if I don't post again, you know what happened.
  10. Sob, sob... ok so you've all got fruit trees, spare a thought for us who have none - I'll take a jar of that cherry wot-ever please!
  11. Our school accepted our health record for our child, no special form needed.  From what I've heard this seems to be the case for most children.
  12. Is it just me that's having problems, or are the links not working in the above message? 
  13. The poor horse, that was quite a few cyber miles, let's hope it's having a well earned rest. 
  14. So sorry, I know it's a serious subject, but I just LOVE the idea of a dispute folder, Bill v's Ben, etc.  Just the idea made me laugh out loud, literally! Celebrity Deathmatch leaped to mind.  That's made my evening.  Simple things, ahhhh  
  15.   So much for starting afresh - I've eaten everything I shouldn't have, plus a little more - up 2.01lb, yuk! OK, going to get serious now - those 2lbs came on easy, so they should go easy IF I act now - this week I'm aiming for minimum 3lbs weight loss, and if that doesn't work I just might have to resort to starting excercise, god forbid!  
  16. Pleased to have brought a smile to your day - doubt I could afford Naps 1, so it looks like I'll be back to a year plate if the event ever arises!
  17.   Don't worry, we had one here about 6 weeks ago, so you're not alone. (La Creche, near Niort dept. 79)
  18. I preferred my maiden name but have been happy to use my married name since getting married, however in a country which does not really acknowledge women wanting to use their maiden names - how come we're all registered under it when it comes to healthcare????  
  19. I'm not in this situation, but asking as a matter of interest only - what happens with the registration plate for the re-imported vehicle IF the original registration has been sold off?  Do you get a new registration which corresponds with the year which it was originally sold, or end up on something odd like a 'Q' registration? (I'm ok as I've still got the plates in the garage so I know they haven't sold them [;)]  [:D] )
  20.   Spring is round the corner, shortly followed by summer - and this year I don't want to be mistaken for a beached whale.  As of today I'm starting a diet - my starting weight (got on the scales after getting out of bed} 11 st 13..5lbs. At the beginning of the year I had hoped to be 11st for our trip to the UK in 4 weeks time, however I know it's now an unrealistic goal and I'll only end up quitting with such pressure, so with 4 weeks and an average of 2lbs a week, I'm going to push for an 8lb weight loss, with a target weight of 11st 5.5lb (only 6lb heavier than my best weight in the past 3 years - can't believe it's within reach!). Come on everyone let's get this beaten.  Look forward to seeing how we've all done after our 'first' week.
  21. Love the Plat..oh!!  very good. Still hanging on in without alcohol, although the OH brought a bottle of champagne back as a gift for 'International Woman's Day' - what a swine.  Saving it until tomorrow night if, and only IF I get into the 11 somethings tomorrow monring.  It's been a damn hard week, and I agree that the weather has not helped at all, roll on spring and BBQ's - lots more meat (and I won't have to do the cooking). How about instead of getting dispondant with our plateua's or faiilures since the New Year, we all make a fresh start tomorrow and make that our new starting weight - whatever it may be? 
  22. That's good thinking, I too was put off by the high prices of studying OU while living in France, I wonder if it would work?
  23.   I'm expecting a spectacular weigh in on Saturday after a good weekend and a disappointing weigh-in on Monday morning my OH convinced me to drop alcohol for the week [:^)]  So far, so good.  Oh and we switched the scales to kgs, so I'm not tempted to weigh in before Saturday, I've a terrible habit of jumping on daily. [N]
  24. [url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/] [img]http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/d/3;10732;131;0;1/c/169/t/147/s/185.4/k/63a9/weight.png[/img] [/url] Well as the aim is for a beach holiday end July, thought the pointer would have to represent the new me!
  25. Well, after last week's higher weight on the Saturday, I decided to stick with the weight I recorded this morning (not taking any chances) and I'm checking it at 12 st 1lb - I was hoping to be in the 11 somethings, but looks like I'll have to save that one for next week. Total weight loss now at 16lb 4 oz, so pretty happy.  Thanks for the tip Suze, I put a few bottles of cola (diet of course) into a bag, along with a litre of water and 7.7 kgs is sooooo heavy,  It also showed me just how much excess weight I'm still carrying - yuk! Good luck to the rest of you.
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