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    ABC Game

    spaghetti bolognaise
  2. naps

    ABC Game

    Just to fill the gap.... certainly delectable
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    ABC Game

      And a new subject too Cathy [:)]
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    Word Game

    lady (edited the above and this one as I 'cocked' up)  
  5.   I thought the advertising on the vans was "Hire this van from 29 euros per day" When we looked into actually hiring a van for the weekend, the real costs were high.  The above rate applies to the 29th of February, but only if it falls on a Tuesday [;-)] )
  6. [:D]  A happy ending for these two. We collected them today and they are now making themselves at home in our secure barn, last spotted sleeping on a silk cushion [:-))]
  7. I can second that they make a lovely pet - I only wish we were closer to you as we're hoping to get a couple soon.  If there is anyone in dept 79 who has any, please let me know. Thanks
  8. naps


    Could it be something to do with the fact that in the whole of Gt Britain we struggle to find a decent tennis player, yet there are plenty of good foodballers?
  9. naps


    E-bay have 'buy it now' 4m+ trampolines with netting, etc. for 200 euro's + 99 euro's delivery charge from Germany to France.  
  10. Moving from Deux Sevres to .... .Deux Sevres next month. Out of a rental and into our own home 10kms South of Niort.
  11. [quote user="Cassis"]You may find, if you are resident here, that you are asked to change your licence for a French one, having been deducted 4 points.  In any case, the points are still kept on record (if I understand SD's postings on such matters correctly).  [:(] [/quote]   Is this really the case? I ask because my OH has been stopped for speeding and failing to stop at a stop sign (we're resident in France, with UK European licences, driving French registered cars).  There was no request for him to change his licence, and they were content with issuing a fine to be paid within 7 days (rather than payment on the spot).  However, if at some point in the coming months in commits another driving offence [:@], and is requested to change is licence, would there be a 'back-log' of points added?  
  12. It will depend on circumstances.  If  you are purchasing a new house which is still to be built, then yes, it is possible to wait a year (or longer), likewise if you purchase a property where the seller has already stipulated that they will not be able to move out for a year.  However, there are plenty of readily available houses where the completion can be as short has 2 months.  Our notaire predicted 2 months from signing of the compromis, and has told us this week that it could be as soon as 15 September (that's two weeks earlier than he originally proposed).  
  13.   We have just signed all the provisional paperwork for a mortgage here in France and received their offer a week ago.  From the date the paperwork arrives you have to wait 10 days before signing, then all paperwork can be returned to the mortgage provider. We applied to BMP as they were recommended by a colleague, and to Credit Agricole as a back up, for some reason we did not think to ask our own bank - Credit Mutuel, however once they knew we were looking for a mortgage, they too made an offer. We received an offer from all 3 banks, but chose to go with BMP as their level of service was superior to the other two (we have since learnt that it is down to one single member of staff, when she is off - their service level is on a par (if not worse) than our current bank).  
  14. That's great news, wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy and a FAST and easy birth [;-)]
  15. I've had a few scans in my time... the first one's being in the UK where I was instructed that a full bladder was necessary, they then went on to do a very thorough scan with alot of pressure - I couldn't even look at the screen because I was so distracted [:$].  Thankfully they noticed my discomfort and allowed me to go and relieve myself before continuing with the scan.   However, while living in Holland I was always instructed to use the ladies before any scan.  [8-)]  I could understand the full bladder/better picture scenario, but after Holland - I no longer know.
  16. My OH is trying to find a competitve insurance quote for his bike too, but is struggling.  Our insurer no longer insures motorbikes, but when ending our policy they also told us that it is unlikely to find an insurer that will only take on one motorbike - so it looks like we'll have to find a company offering a combination of competitive car and bike insurance. [:(]
  17. No snag buying from the cheapest, however you are legally bound to buy from the one you viewed the property with - so too late if you find the same property with an agent for a lower price after you've already viewed. The commission paid will go to the agent which you purchase from and the other agents will have simply 'missed out'.  The house which we are in the process of purchasing had a 16k price difference between the two agents it was advertised with - which one did we go with......?  Neither!  We never viewed with an agent, but went direct to the owner and made them offer - saving 45k on the most expensive agent's price.
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