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  1. Congratulations on your naturalisation Norman!! Your next step will be the "Cérémonie de naturalisation et d’accueil dans la citoyenneté française” which I am sure you will enjoy. In 2011 we were invited to our préfecture for our ceremony. Together with others from various countries, the Préfet, in full official uniform, welcomed us as new citoyens. We felt very proud and happy to shake his hand and receive our naturalisation documents: decrees signed by the Prime Minister, letter from the President, livret de famille, brand new birth certificates and mariage certificate, “Inscription sur les listes électorales”, "Déclaration des droits de l’homme et de citoyen du 26 août 1789”, and the words of the Marseillaise. Later we applied for passports and cartes d'identité - great things to have. What does all this give us? Security for our future as French nationals and European citizens, welcomed by and settled into our chosen homeland. We now have the same freedoms, equality, rights and responsibilities as our fellow French citizens. And we are effectively immune from the machinations of any present or future UK government. Long may we, and you, exercise those rights and freedoms!
  2. I totally agree. Also : Dye your hair dark.Change your name, because it's bound to be a dead giveaway.
  3. Hope you have a good stay and a good trip. I have just read the replies you got from the South East. Amazing. Whereas here in the South West we are always happy if we can help!
  4. Try the Holiday Inn Express : 39 AVENUE DU GENERAL DE GAULLEBLAGNAC, 31700 FRANCEFront Desk: 33561310600 I booked a room there for one night a few years ago for a flight the next morning, returning in 11 days. I was able to leave the car in the private car park behind the hotel, take the navette to the airport in the morning and, on my return, pick up the car. It must have been a special package - worth looking to see if it still exists.
  5. There is a registered domain name of https.com, the Home Improvement site you are getting. It looks to me like a fraud - many people presumably don't notice the error because it looks very like the usual https://.
  6. A good point. The British press seems to always need to create emotion rather than report facts. In this case, horror at the outrageous cost it could be.
  7. "will definitely be between €200 and €340" Another article in the Local states that the French Ministry of Interior has said "this information is false". They have not yet made an announcement of the cost of the carte de séjour in the case of no deal.  "Wehave to wait for the official government announcement. It should not take long". www.thelocal.fr/20190208/britons-to-face-steep-costs-for-residency-permit-under-no-deal-brexit
  8. A few weeks ago we heard groups of three loud coos/hoots on a single note, repeated many times at dusk.  We thought of toads but it was coming from a tree... It echoed rather like a sonar. We concluded that it was a hoopoe : https://vimeo.com/145409630, especially as we saw him the next day.
  9. It is unwise to take anything for granted. In 2008 we had been living in France for 5 years. When the problems with expat health cover via the CMU arose in 2008, a single fonctionnaire simply cancelled both Carte Vitales, sent a terse letter to say so and the cards just stopped working. A flick of the fonctionnaire's wrist is all it takes.
  10. My experience is that there is only one attestation. The attestation proves you have the right to assurance maladie.  But it can also include details of extra rights, to Assurance maladie obligatoire (ALD) and/or  Regime complementaire (CMU complementaire).   Mine states OUI for an ALD and gives the end-date.
  11. I've noticed that tables for two are getting smaller while the plates are getting bigger. So sometimes the tableware meets in the middle or hangs over the edge of the table. We ate at a place where the bread had to go on a shelf nearby!
  12. As everyone says, the fact that your husband is entitled to 100% treatment based on an ALD should have been registered on your Carte Vitale, together with the expiry date. When the ALD was registered by your doctor your husband should also have received from your health assurer (CPAM, RSI...) an attestation that includes the ALD and its expiry date.  This may be what the hospital is after, especially if your husband's Carte Vitale was not up to date when he had the treatment. If so, and you can't find the attestation (mine is a scrappy folded piece of paper), you can just ask them to send you another. 
  13. A number of banks provide 'assurance multirisque habitation' via their own subsidiary insurance company or an agreement with an insurer, for example Credit Agricole/Pacifica.  But any French insurer would understand your requirements and give you a quote for your intended use, for example:  Generali, Aviva, Groupama, Gan, AIG, AXA...
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