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  1. I've now put our smallholding up for furnished rental, seeking those wishing to trial a life in France or take time out for a year or two to write paint whatever, which seems to be the better option for us under french law it need only be a 1 year let. We too need out property back in maybe a year, maybe 3, but we need it back to sell when the market hopefully improves.

    I know all the CGT issues, the risks from bad tenants, but frankly after several years of my life on hold it is of little consequence. I am not using an immo so will only have myself to blame if I do not chose tenants who I have vetted personally.

    I have 2 people interested already and one coming this weekend so hopefully I can then get on with the next chapter.

    I would never let unfunished as the risks are too longterm and the law is stacked against the landlord unfairly in favour of the tenant.

    If things were different I would have sold and washed my hands of it and the french system, and anyone who tells me to reduce the price, we did, to well below agencies advice and still up for offers....no takers, no serioius viewers in 2 years!
  2. Hi

    I've PM'd you as I am going over empty mid November with a 7.5tonner, please let me know asap if you want a hand.
  3. [quote user="Pommier"]Don't forget Capital Gains Tax implications if you rent out your main residence whilst waiting to sell.[/quote]

    Yes, thank you I am aware of that, but after 4 years and nearly 40% drop from our original asking price I'm past caring.....and who knows in a year or three I might even make a decent selling price even after the CGT is deducted!!

  4. [quote user="P-D de Rouffignac"]It is surprising to read this thread, given that less than 60% of French are owner/occupiers of their main home, leaving 40% as renters. (Comparative figures for the UK are 70% and 30%). And the vast majority of landlords in France - apart from HLM - are private individuals and not institutions. One possible alternative is to go for short-term (1 year renewable) furnished lets, though ideally these should be (very) small studio apartments, ideally in city centres. [/quote]

    Not sure why it has to be tiny appartments?

    I have recently decided to let our farmhouse and stables as after 4years it still has not sold and we need to get back to the UK. I have offered it on a furnished basis in order that I can get it back in a couple of years if the market picks up.

    Everyone with any experience on most forums recommend that people rent before they buy in France, but unless you can supply a ream of financial and employment details you have little chance of securing a rental on an unfurnished basis in France, and its just to much for most english speakers in such early days.

    Surely this is an ideal market for such folk, they don't want to live here 'permanently' just yet, but they do want to try out life in rural France, and especially if they want to bring horses, pets etc?

    I've had quite a response so far from expats looking for just that, and quite a few french trying to lull me into an unfurn 3 year min farming jobby, which I have politely declined. Still not secured a renter but much more positive than the interminable waiting for a buyer who then turns out to be a dreamer/timewaster.

    Some of the gite rental sites are now opening up to this market, if anyone wants to know who, pm me.
  5. Thank you Pickles, the conditions for furnished as you state would be fine by us.

    Norman, the reason we are not letting unfurnished are because of the difficulties you state, hence my posting.

    I have since found a site that offers furnished direct from landlord lettings and that is the way we shall now go.

    Thanks also to russethouse, we are already listed on some smallholding and equestrian sites to which I contribute as an exchange property or a longterm furnished let...heres hoping that the replies so far turn into a reality

    many thanks again all
  6. Thank you for that, we have notified 3 of our selling agents that it is now for let, but they all seem to want us to let it unfurnished with a 3yr contract...prefer furnished on a 6months renewable
  7. Hi

    I am finding it virtually impossible to sell our smallholding in the current market so now planning to rent it out for a few years and move on with our lives.

    My question is, where on earth do you advertise rentals that are not holiday lets, not leboncoin thanks, really looking for a house hunter or someone wanting to try France before commiting to a purchase. I may want my home back in a year or so so 6months renewable furnished I think is the safest way to go?

    My ad on french sites just bring forth CAF claimants and folk wanting it for half the stated rental.

    Any ideas folks?
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